January 12, 2015

getting my groove back

This transition to California has been a hard one for me and I don't think I've felt quite like myself in a while, but...I feel like I'm getting there. Looking at the calendar and making plans has made me feel a bit more normal and like I'm getting my old groove back. This weekend was good! Friday night we had some good friends over for dinner and we always have fun together so that was good stuff, Saturday we had a lazy day before B had a birthday party to get to, and then we joined her toward the end of the party and hung out with our friends and had dinner as the party was winding down, Sunday we went to church (one we've gone to a few times that we're still considering) and then we went out to lunch, came home and watched football and the Golden Globes. Chill and relaxing but with some good social stuff - my kind of weekend! This morning I drove to Glendora and had breakfast with one of my long-time dear friends, that is always good for the soul. I just found out one of my best friends from college is in town for the week so he and his family are coming for dinner on Wednesday, can't wait! I haven't seen him/them in a couple years and can't wait to soak up every second they are here! I'm thankful for friends that make California feel like home, its so nice to catch up with such great people who we've missed so much, that's the good stuff. I hope you all are having a lovely Monday, thanks for checking in on us. xo

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