January 16, 2015

January 2015

Normally I'm not a fan of January, but this year...I don't mind it so much. Normally it was daunting for a lot of reasons, mainly looking at another year of big ol "????" when it came to where we would live the following year, another year of the job search for Adam, another year of applications and interviews that could potentially all be for nothing, etc. We lived that way a long time so its weird to now be on the other side...I almost don't know what to do with myself! When you live in limbo long enough, normalcy and predictability is so odd. I'm thankful for the answered questions, but of course new questions loom. Life...so weird, right?

This week was good, I loved seeing Daniel and his sweet family this week, man I love those guys. Daniel and Becky's little boy was bit in the face by a dog the day before they came over so poor guy had to get stitches and his face was all swollen, so, prayers for Henry would be greatly appreciated...so scary! Our visits with them are never long enough but I was so thankful for the time we did get. This weekend Adam and I are going to dinner with some of our friends who we haven't seen in years! My friend Des made reservations at a restaurant I can't wait to try so the 4 of us get an adult evening, can't wait! I just realized B doesn't have school on Monday so a nice long weekend for us! We have some friends coming over on Sunday to play so, we can stay up late and extend the weekend, fun. :)

I was reading a bloggers "new year's goal" of hosting 52 dinner parties in 2015, at first I thought to myself "that's crazy, a dinner party a week?!" But then I looked at my calendar and realized we've had people over for dinner pretty much weekly since we moved into our house and we have company coming over for the next several weeks coming up. I'm not making it a near year's goal per se but I love the idea of being intentional and having friends over for a meal. I always love when my home is filled with people so...here we go!

I've tried a couple new recipes lately, last night I made this crockpot chicken recipe that is kind of sweet and you shred the chicken and serve it over rice, Adam and B both liked it so that's a winner! And the other night I made filet mignon for Adam's first class of the semester and I made this yummy caprese salad with homemade balsamic dressing and it was delish! Of course I have no links since they are photos saved on my ipad so I realize not super helpful...sorry. :/

I think that's all the news for now, I have a phone date with a friend who's voice I haven't heard in way too long so I'm off! More to come. xo

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Robin said...

I do love getting recipes from you....