January 20, 2015

MLK weekend

It was a nice, long weekend around here! Friday night we didn't do anything, we just hung out at home and had a chill evening, it was nice and low key. Saturday was also a very relaxing day, it was so pretty outside and we were cozy at home. Saturday night our babysitter came over and Adam and I met our friends for dinner and this yummy restaurant in old town that I don't know how I haven't been to before! It was SO good! It was super slow service but we were all okay with that, more time to chat with our friends who we hadn't seen in years, and to eat the yummy bread they kept bringing around. :) Our dinner was delish and then we were off to our friends gorgeous home for movie night. Our friend works in the entertainment industry so he has all the movies that are currently out in theatres so we cozied up in their home theatre and watched "The Imitation Game" -so good! We still got to watch on the "big screen" only on a comfy couch with cozy blankets and yummy snacks -we felt so spoiled! It was a lovely evening and great to be with friends. Sunday we tried new church #8, sigh. Adam and B enjoyed it more than I did...it was just too traditional for me, I can't do it. Sigh. WHY IS THIS CHUCH THING SO HARD?!!! Sadly, every church (so far) feels like settling and I hate that. :/ So yeah...we still don't know what we're doing. Sunday afternoon we went out to breakfast/lunch at "The Little Flower Candy Company" - a friend introduced me to it years ago and I hadn't been since, it was so yummy and a cool little place (and my mushroom and brie sandwich was delish!). We we're supposed to have friends over Sunday night but they had to cancel due to lice...so sad! (mainly for them of course but we were bummed to miss time with them). Monday we piled in the car and drove to Orange County to spend the day with our dear friends Matt and Meg and their FIVE kiddos! Adam went to high school with Meg and college with Matt so we've known these guys a long time. We spent the day walking with the kiddos around their neighborhood, feeding ducks, playing, getting ice cream, eating dinner, etc. We had a lovely day and it was so nice to be outside in the sunshine catching up. All in all, a really nice, long weekend -and back to work/school today! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend of their own and feels rested as the week starts! Thanks for checking in! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You didn't mention watching the Seahawks unbelievable come from behind victory. Hope you didn't miss it.

Praying you will find a church home soon.