January 9, 2015

nothing in particular

I've been looking at the calendar and making some plans -feels good. I've had some very low key days this week which has been kinda nice. Adam and I went on a date, to a movie and out to lunch before picking B up from school -love those days. :) B decided this week that she doesn't want to keep doing gymnastics. She was super into it and then...wasn't. So, art classes it is! I signed her up for a drawing/painting class and a sculpture class, hope that keeps her creative juices flowing! I think we both need to be inspired or we go a little stir crazy...the apple does not fall far. :)

I've tried some new recipes lately, I made a garlic chicken lasagna the other night, pretty good! I also tried this bacon smoked paprika gnocchi...I think I've decided I'm not a huge fan of smoked paprika but I do love gnocchi so I need to experiment a bit more. I recently discovered this AMAZING Italian deli/grocery store, I used to live right by it so I guess I always knew of it, but the other day I actually went it and my mind was BLOWN. I need to start making more legit Italian dishes! I bought some of their dough and made pizza last night...pretty darn good! I have to look up the conversions from celsius to fahrenheit on the frozen products which remind me of my Irish life. :)

I'm still plugging away at the business side of getting MWP up and running, starting over is no joke and of course CA is not near as small-business friendly as TX...sigh. I'm making good progress though.

In other news, we're off to Mexico next month! I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand myself! Our friends who took us with them to their time share in 2013 have asked us back so, we're getting the band back together! All 4 couples that went last time are coming again and I am giddy with anticipation! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about being with those sweet Wacoans or being in Mexico!! 44 days and counting! :) :) :)

I think that's all the news around here for now, gotta hop in the shower and meet my friend for lunch! (I know, its a rough day :).

Head on over HERE to check out this family session! xo


Anonymous said...

Love the photo...a sweet family moment.

Anonymous said...

So happy you have a fun trip to look forward to - and so excited for Brennan's art classes - I know she will LOVE Them!