January 23, 2015

nothing in particular

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning my house and doing laundry, and then a friend came over. This sweet gal has always been more of a "friend of a friend" and our time together has been limited but we've kept in touch through social media and I've always enjoyed her. Well, yesterday we got some quality one on one time and it was just good for the soul. We resonated with each other on certain things about this stage of life was that just...good. We're in different stages of life as far as child rearing, etc. but we had some really great common ground and I walked away from our time together feeling encouraged and wanting more! I hope we get to hang out again soon. :) My long-time dear friend, Chrissy was supposed to drive up from orange county today to hang out but poor thing got sick. :( Boo!! I was so looking forward to seeing her!! Adam and I are going to use this time to go on a date...a good back up option. :) Tonight my sweet realtor and her husband are coming to dinner, she hosted us a while back and it was a FEAST. I'm in no way attempting to compete with her fabulousness but it will still be tasty I think. :) Since I'm still working my way through the bowl of lemons from my friend's tree, I made this lemon bar cheesecake. I've only made it once before and it is SO good, its just a lot of work and needs to be done over several days to allow enough time for things to chill so its a rarity in my kitchen. I'm excited to dig into that tonight!! I'm also making Martha Stewart's pasta with 5 cheeses (so easy and so yummy), I made homemade croutons for a caesar salad and will try a from-scratch dressing, garlic bread, and these stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer. Fingers crossed! Tomorrow we're heading to Riverside to hang out with cousin Caila and her sweet fam, can't wait to see her cute house they recently moved into -she has great style! It will be good for B to get some good cousin time and to get out of Pasadena for an afternoon, a change of scenery is always good! :) Sunday our friends Brian and Lindsay from Oregon are coming into town and spending the night in the guest house- can't wait to see them! Its going to be a busy weekend around here, but so fun! I hope everyone had a lovely week, and has a great weekend! xo

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