January 30, 2015

today/this weekend

After the craziness that was my life last year, especially last semester I vowed to be better at "showing up" at B's school this semester. I feel like I was barely hanging on last fall and couldn't do a darn thing as far as school stuff was concerned and I felt kinda guilty about it. So, today, I'm volunteering at B's school! School stuff isn't really my bag per se, but...I'm doing it. I'm also baking a yummy chocolate cheesecake today, our friends are coming for dinner tomorrow and it was my friend's husband's birthday this week and he's a cheesecake guy so...there you have it! B has been asking constantly if we can go to the AG doll store, she's been saving her money and wants to buy a pair of pjs for her doll so I think the 3 of us are going to make the trek to the Grove tomorrow for a fun outing before our company comes over. We're trying new church #9 this weekend, a gal invited s to give her church a whirl so...fingers crossed?! I would just love to have that feeling of "THIS is it!"

That's pretty much the haps around here, nothing too exciting, just every day life. :) I finally blogged a mini session from Waco over HERE so check out this cute fam! xo

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