February 2, 2015

6 months and 1 day and church #9

Yesterday marked 6 months of us moving back to California...that's weird, right? I can't tell what I think about that, if it feels long to me, or short? If that sounds like a lot or a little? If I feel like I've been out of Waco that long or not? I still miss Texas every day, to be honest, it hasn't dissipated much over the past 6 months, but in the same vein, those feelings aren't as raw either. Brennan still asks if we can move back to Waco, but when she asks its not in the desperate way it used to be, its more matter of fact with a bit of hopefulness. Moving is hard. This weekend we tried new church #9, I met a gal at a shower a few months ago and she emailed me and asked me to come try her church. I was thankful for the gracious invite, and even though it started at 9am (WAY too early!) I got my butt out of bed and we went. I'll say this, I didn't love the service, the music wasn't great (to be fair, their worship leader was on vacation so it wasn't the "normal" person leading) and there seems to be a rotation of who preaches so we heard one of a few pastors so, we got a feel but maybe not what a typical Sunday is really like. All that to say, I didn't love the service but I kinda fell in love with the people. After the service we walked outside to leave and we started talking to one of the pastors, then the gal who invited me came up and we talked for a while and she introduced me to a friend of mine's brother, then, she introduced me to one of the pastor's wives...and we hit.it.off. I already kind of love her. We stood outside talking to people for probably 45 minutes and when it was time to go, my new friend was like "Please tell me I get to see you again"  -and I felt the exact.same.way. The church is in a swanky part of town, and you can tell it has lots of wealth...that is so far from the church experience Adam and I are used to and it admittedly makes me feel a bit out of my element (I met the founder of eharmony's wife -just as a reference point!). I'm rambling now, ALL this to say, I don't know that this church is a perfect fit by any stretch, but Brennan loved it and said she would like to go there, you can tell this church really values Christian education which is right down Adam's alley, and the people seemed pretty darn great, and I'm such a people person and relationships are of the utmost importance to me, so.... this might be home. We are going to go back next week and try it again, so we'll see, I'm cautiously optimistic. :)

Weekend was good! We went to LA and got lunch at the farmer's market and B spent her money at the AG doll store on pj's for Kanani. Saturday night our sweet friends came over for dinner and I made chicken enchiladas and Martha Stewart's chocolate cheesecake for dessert for my friend's husband's bday. Sunday we went to church and then our friends came over and brought us lunch and we spent the afternoon catching up on life, and then....we watched the TRAGIC end to the super bowl. I'm sorry, I'm a big girl, I can take a loss...but TO LOOSE LIKE THAT?!!!!! UGHHHHH, it made me SO MAD!!! The game was in.the.bag.  -it was the Seahawks for the taking!!!! Sorry, clearly, I'm not quite over it. Moving on...

So, here we are, Monday morning and another week begins. I like February, I know I've said this before but the older I get I really love Valentine's day even more and I love celebrating it with B too. I got her the cutest heart necklace the other day, so fun. :) B's art class was cancelled for today so, its going to be a low key day with errands and editing for me. I hope everyone has a great week and happy birthday to B's friend Ellie! xo

Peek from last week's engagement shoot!


Kemi Winn said...

So happy to hear that you may have found a church!

Sounds like a great weekend except for the Seahawks loss. It feels like they just handed the Patriots a victory. Not sure how long it will be before I can let that loss go.

Robin said...

Good to hear about the church possibility. And Brennan likes it and wants to go there! That is good news - as you say, cautiously optimistic.

Carrie Schlafmann said...

Hey Mol--so so glad to read your more recent post about finding a church, it is a HUGE relief to just decide, isn't it? Our 6 months here was the first week of the month too and I can definitely identify with the rawness of missing "home" getting better ... but still missing it so much.