February 9, 2015

annnnnnd we decided.

It was a good weekend, lots of fun. Friday our friends had us over for a yummy dinner, Saturday we had my long-time friend and her husband over for dinner, and Sunday we went to church and then our friends from orange county came up here to spend the day with us. I went to the flea market with Meg, Adam and Matt wrangled the 6 kiddos and then we all joined together had lots of fun playing at the park and jumping on our trampoline. Monday morning came too soon!

Hands down the best part about the weekend was FINALLY deciding on church. It has been a long 6 months of searching and listening to my friends thoughts/opinions/suggestions and having them listen to my frustrations/desires/hopes, etc. We decided on church #9, otherwise known as San Marino Community Church. It feels good. We've tried it the past 2 weeks and yesterday was even better than the prior week. The worship leader was back and it was hands down the best worship experience we've had since moving back here. The people were again, so welcoming and inviting and this week the pastor was a woman, which Adam and I are all about. B enjoyed Sunday school and has already made a friend and said she wanted to go there (although she wasn't so sure when we had to be "up and at 'em!"). The 9am start time is admittedly going to be hard for both of us but...its a sacrifice I'm willing to make so, there it is. I'm going to my first Bible Study with the ladies on Thursday morning and am looking forward to diving in an making new friends. When I walked out of church on Sunday I got a text from one of my mi casa darlings and it said "Why do Sundays have to be so hard? We leave church each week just kinda scratching our heads, hoping the next week will be better. Am I crazy?" I wanted to scream "No, you're not crazy!!! Starting over is crazy hard, especially after UBC!!" But, for the first time in a long time, I was hopeful. Walking out of what we had decided would be our new church home, it made me hopeful for what could come for her and her new husband. But at the same time I felt her frustration and disappointment, what we had as a group and collectively as a whole body at UBC was unlike anything I've experienced before, and its hard to get over that/let that go.

With that said, this church doesn't "tick all the boxes", and the wealth admittedly makes me a bit uncomfortable, but, I'm a firm believer that you don't go to church to be comfortable so, here we are. I'm excited for the end of a long search and hopeful for what God is going to do with us there. One step closer to feeling more at home here, after a long season of life in the in-between.

Well, you've all heard my ramblings about how I don't think B really goes to school here, and this week is no exception! She has Friday AND Monday off so, we're going to do some playing which will be fun. :) So, a short week in the Winn household! I hope everyone has a lovely Monday, thanks for reading. xo

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Robin said...

This is exceptionally happy news, Molly!