March 30, 2015

I feel like a slug

This weekend was fun, I did a lot of eating so I'm feeling very sluggish today. :/ Friday night I made Ina's roasted chicken and veggies and Joy the Baker's chocolate peanut butter pretzel layer cake for our friends that came over. Saturday B and I had a lazy morning while Adam had to go to a workshop at school, then he came home and the three of us drove to Santa Monica and walked around third street, the pier, went to a movie and went out to dinner. It was a lovely family date and we all came home tired and happy. Sunday we got up early (grrr) and went to church, some friends asked us to go out to lunch with them so we went to Wahoo's Fish Tacos (I'm the only one who actually got a fish taco -yum) and then we came home and it was such a gorgeous day so Adam and I hung out on our front porch and just relaxed. Around 5:30pm we headed to South Pasadena to meet cousin Kyle for dinner, he treated us to YUMMY BBQ at Gus' (he's been telling us how good it is for ages and he was right! SO good!). Kyle has a new girlfriend so it was fun to meet her briefly before she had to get going...ah young love. :) Then we got home, put B to bed and Adam was off to "man night" with some church guys. A busy weekend but so so fun. Monday came too soon as always but I've got lots of work to do so I'm gonna get after it. Hope everyone had a great weekend, thanks for reading! xo

March 26, 2015

Mundane Faithfulness

I didn't know Kara Tippetts but I wish I did. I started reading her blog recently and was so moved by her words of grace and encouragement in the midst of her dying of cancer. You can tell she was a person that everyone wanted to know -clearly magnetic in her personality and full of Jesus' love to whomever she encountered. I just read this morning that she passed away a few days ago, I knew it was coming but I thought she would have more time, it kinda feels like a punch in the gut, I wasn't expecting to see that news when I went to her blog today. My take-away from Kara the past 2 months or so that I've been reading her blog is to not sweat the small stuff, to not waste this precious life harboring resentment and anger, to move on from past hurts and embrace life and the beauty that it is. This season of life has me more introspective than usual, being uprooted when you're close to 40 will do that to you, I guess. I want to live out my church's (in Texas) benediction of: loving God, embracing beauty, and living life to the fullest -I don't want to just say it. Kara was 1 year older than me, that's it -this could just as easily be my story and although I pray its not, if it is I want to know that I lived life intentionally while evidently loving Jesus and others well. Thank you Kara for your example to me and so many others, run with Jesus. xo

(You can read Kara's blog here: mundanefaithfulness[dot]com)

March 25, 2015

An Unexpected Tuesday

I think life hasn't really felt "real" to me for a while now. This whole move has felt kinda surreal, and since Adam and I were working SO much in Waco and our lives look so different here (in that regard) I don't think its felt entirely real or normal to me yet. Also, going on vacation in February kinda threw me off, and then going to the beach with friends shortly thereafter also just felt like a fairytale and not real life. Then B had spring break so it was another week of not-normal so now that she is back to school, its just still doesn't feel like "life as usual" to me yet. So, all that to say, yesterday I picked up some donuts before getting B from school (b/c she asked if we could go to the park after school) and we went and played. I texted my friend to see what she was up to and before I knew it, we were at her house playing and chatting the day away. She has a lovely big yard and the kiddos seem to be in the land of nod back there and play outside happily for hours -its lovely. Her husband came home from work early so the 3 of us hung out and talked while the kids were playing and then when Adam got home from work he texted to see what our plan was for dinner and our friends said "have him come over here and we'll order pizza!" So, that's what we did! It was so fun to be spontaneous on a school night and just choose to enjoy our time, throw bedtimes and homework out the window and just play. I really think these are the moments that life is really about, homework can wait, being tired the next day -you can rebound from that, being intentional and doing life with people -that's the good stuff. We haven't known these new friends long but we feel like we have, we just get each other and have such a good time hanging out and I loved that we made a memory last night versus rushing home to do homework and get to bed on time. I hope these are the memories that B will tell her kids about and that she will choose to do life with people and throw caution to the wind every now and again.  I want her to grow up investing in people, I know that is where my treasure is, in the relationships I have made and am making, all the other stuff passes away but people are what matters and this life journey is meant to be lived in community. Amen. :) xo

March 24, 2015

everything hurts

This weekend was really good! We hosted a dinner party on Friday night and that was a lot of fun, we're really enjoying getting to know our new friends better and we're so thankful for them! Saturday I purposefully didn't plan anything, I wanted a day to just chill and get my thoughts together for my wedding on Sunday. Adam took B to a museum for this dead sea scrolls exhibit that he heard about thru APU so I had the house to myself a bit. I cleaned my lenses, charged my batteries, packed my shoot sack, etc. Then Adam and B came home and we all hung out for a bit and then our friends called and said "Come over as soon as you can and join us for dinner!" So, we did! Our weekends are so nuts (for months in advance!) so I knew this opportunity likely wouldn't work out if we didn't take advantage of it right then. I'm SO glad we did, we don't see these dear friends often enough and it was so nice to be in their home and eat yummy food and just catch up on life. I woke up early on Sunday and was gone all day shooting a lovely wedding. When I left the venue that evening I could barely walk to my car -every.thing. hurt (and still does!). Its no secret I'm SO out of shape, but man! I haven't stood on my feet for over 8 hours in a while, and my neck was radiating pain all the way down my arm from my bag full of gear hanging on me all day. My wrist was hurting from holding my camera and I just felt like an old lady! Shooting weddings is no joke! The venue was also pretty vast and my timeline was blown with late arrivals, etc so I was r.u.n.n.i.n.g. from one place to the next (with said gear) which made for very sore legs the next day(s). I'm getting old!!! :(

In other GREAT news, our dear friends who have been waiting and longing for a baby welcomed their baby girl yesterday!!! We've been praying with B for this little one to arrive every.night. for over a year and we're all so excited!!! We went out to dinner and celebrated last night! B asked "are we still going to pray for her every night?" Sweet girl. Welcome to the world, Josephine!!! Which also means that I get to go to Waco next month to photograph this sweetpea!!! Can't wait! Its a quick trip but I'm already looking forward to being back in the 254 with some dear friends. :) So fun to see prayers answered through the eyes of a child, when we started praying for this baby my friend wasn't even pregnant yet, such a neat, tangible way for B to see how God does hear us and answers our prayers. Pretty cool.

Well, I've got my work cut out for me as far as culling and editing the next few weeks so I'm gonna get after it! Here is a peek from the wedding this weekend! Happy Tuesday, all! xo

March 20, 2015

I think she's made the turn...

Poor B, she's been sick almost her whole spring break! I'm glad we made it to the beach this weekend b/c poor girl has been sick since we got home. :( Her fever has been gone since yesterday afternoon and when I woke up today she was crafting in her room...all good signs of recovery for the goose. :) She is so rarely sick, but it really takes her down when it hits! Tonight we're having a dinner party with our new church friends, sooo looking forward to that! I'm making this yummy baked risotto with caprese chicken and Ina Garten's eton mess for dessert -hope it all turns out! So, today its laundry, cleaning and cooking for me! This weekend I'm shooting my first California wedding...I'll take your prayers, I'm admittedly a bit nervous as its been a while since I've shot a wedding and I feel a tad out of my groove...I'm hoping its like riding a bike! :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend and do something fun and relaxing!! xoxo

March 18, 2015

busy fun things part 2

Whew! This poor blog...its hard to keep up with it sometimes but I also feel like lately its been just be spewing what we're up to without much depth...sorry about that. I think its the season of life we're currently in, we're still "new" and are trying to figure out what our weeks look like, we're investing in new friends while trying to keep up with old friends and its a tough balance sometimes. I'm not complaining, one can never have too many friends, right?! Its just the balance of figuring out what our new life looks like while maintaining a bit of our old life that we had when we lived here nearly 7 years ago. Its also just been a busy year I think, last year was a blur and I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water, this year has been more calm but busy with fun things -like travel and making new friends and playing with old friends, investing in church, etc. Its been a busy season of life, and I'm thankful for it. Today I spent the morning talking to one of my dear friends in Waco and catching up on her life, that was good. Poor B is a bit under the weather so we had to cancel our play date today. :( Poor girl rarely gets sick so, I guess it was high time! Last night she had a fever and was lethargic and blah all day, today she has more pep in her step and her fever is gone so I'm hopeful that a day of lounging around the house will do her good. I think this weekend just wore her down, our sweet friends invited us to the beach with them for 3 days and it was lots of swimming, sun, eating, and not enough took its toll (worth it though, of course! We all had a great time). Yesterday B and I went downtown LA with my friend Lauren to scour for fabric (Lauren needed some supplies for work and I found my long sought-after ticking stripe for a duvet for my bed! Hooray!), then we had a fabulous lunch at Bottega Louie and ate amongst the stars (Amy Smart was right in front of me -hooray for celeb spotting!). It was a fun day. Hopefully B will be up and at 'em tomorrow and we can resume spring break play dates! Such a bummer to be sick during spring break! I'm in denial that Adam has to work this week...I think we should all still be playing! :) (I know, spoiled!!). Well, I'm gonna go get some laundry done and bake some banana bread for my sickie, thanks for checking in! xo

March 10, 2015

busy fun things

Its been busy around here, my bestie Kelly was in town this weekend from Maine to throw our friend Ginger's bridal shower -fun! So, Saturday was the shower during the day and then several of us gals went out to dinner that night to celebrate our dear friend. Friday night we went to our new friends house (from our new church) for a lovely dinner. It was such a gorgeous Pasadena night and the 8 of us ate on their back patio while the kiddos played outside  -so so fun! Sunday was church and then our sweet friends just up the street came over to hang out for the afternoon, fun. :) Adam is on spring break this week but B's spring break isn't until next, always a bit of a bummer when that happens. Anyhoo, this weekend some friends invited us to go to the beach with them so that will be fun! It will feel like a mini vacation for spring break which is always nice. :) The weather has been gorgeous lately, Adam and I have been on our porch almost every night just enjoying the warm evenings, love that! Okay, my house is dirty and I have a friend coming over for lunch so I'm gonna get after it, happy Tuesday, all! xo

March 4, 2015

Good for the Soul // Cabo 2015

We're back! It was such a good week with our friends! The 8 of us did this exact trip a year and a half ago and we modified some things this go around and we think we'll have it down the next time (assuming there is a next time, fingers crossed! :) It was a lovely week of sunshine, food, friends, and lots of pool time. We felt so spoiled, we stayed at the "highest level" of the luxury villas thanks to our friends' timeshare points, this place is amazing! There are only a handful of them built so you feel so fancy staying there, a big treat for sure (and I could get used to the daily maid and pool service! :) It was so fun being with our dear friends from Waco, 2 of the 4 couples (Adam and I included) recently left Waco so we all so enjoyed being together and just soaked up each others company. Many times we were asked if we were related and it was often that one of us would say "We're friends that are like family" and its true, it was good for the soul and a life-giving trip with dear friends. 2 of our friends came back to LA with us due to a layover so we got to keep them at our house for 1 night, only wish we had more time! Then yesterday..... it was back to reality (boo). A HUGE thank you to my sweet in-laws for watching B, they are so good to us and I always come back to a clean house, I'm a blessed gal for sure!

This week is pretty low key, just trying to get back in the swing of things after a lovely week of Mexico life. Some new friends invited us to dinner on Friday night and my best friend is flying into town today from Maine so I'll see her some this weekend! Who hoo!! Today I'm getting spoiled, my friend is an esthetician and told me to come into her spa and she's giving me a facial! I can't wait, its been years since I've had one! Thanks for checking in, if you haven't checked out this engagement session head on over HERE! xo