March 25, 2015

An Unexpected Tuesday

I think life hasn't really felt "real" to me for a while now. This whole move has felt kinda surreal, and since Adam and I were working SO much in Waco and our lives look so different here (in that regard) I don't think its felt entirely real or normal to me yet. Also, going on vacation in February kinda threw me off, and then going to the beach with friends shortly thereafter also just felt like a fairytale and not real life. Then B had spring break so it was another week of not-normal so now that she is back to school, its just still doesn't feel like "life as usual" to me yet. So, all that to say, yesterday I picked up some donuts before getting B from school (b/c she asked if we could go to the park after school) and we went and played. I texted my friend to see what she was up to and before I knew it, we were at her house playing and chatting the day away. She has a lovely big yard and the kiddos seem to be in the land of nod back there and play outside happily for hours -its lovely. Her husband came home from work early so the 3 of us hung out and talked while the kids were playing and then when Adam got home from work he texted to see what our plan was for dinner and our friends said "have him come over here and we'll order pizza!" So, that's what we did! It was so fun to be spontaneous on a school night and just choose to enjoy our time, throw bedtimes and homework out the window and just play. I really think these are the moments that life is really about, homework can wait, being tired the next day -you can rebound from that, being intentional and doing life with people -that's the good stuff. We haven't known these new friends long but we feel like we have, we just get each other and have such a good time hanging out and I loved that we made a memory last night versus rushing home to do homework and get to bed on time. I hope these are the memories that B will tell her kids about and that she will choose to do life with people and throw caution to the wind every now and again.  I want her to grow up investing in people, I know that is where my treasure is, in the relationships I have made and am making, all the other stuff passes away but people are what matters and this life journey is meant to be lived in community. Amen. :) xo

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