March 18, 2015

busy fun things part 2

Whew! This poor blog...its hard to keep up with it sometimes but I also feel like lately its been just be spewing what we're up to without much depth...sorry about that. I think its the season of life we're currently in, we're still "new" and are trying to figure out what our weeks look like, we're investing in new friends while trying to keep up with old friends and its a tough balance sometimes. I'm not complaining, one can never have too many friends, right?! Its just the balance of figuring out what our new life looks like while maintaining a bit of our old life that we had when we lived here nearly 7 years ago. Its also just been a busy year I think, last year was a blur and I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water, this year has been more calm but busy with fun things -like travel and making new friends and playing with old friends, investing in church, etc. Its been a busy season of life, and I'm thankful for it. Today I spent the morning talking to one of my dear friends in Waco and catching up on her life, that was good. Poor B is a bit under the weather so we had to cancel our play date today. :( Poor girl rarely gets sick so, I guess it was high time! Last night she had a fever and was lethargic and blah all day, today she has more pep in her step and her fever is gone so I'm hopeful that a day of lounging around the house will do her good. I think this weekend just wore her down, our sweet friends invited us to the beach with them for 3 days and it was lots of swimming, sun, eating, and not enough took its toll (worth it though, of course! We all had a great time). Yesterday B and I went downtown LA with my friend Lauren to scour for fabric (Lauren needed some supplies for work and I found my long sought-after ticking stripe for a duvet for my bed! Hooray!), then we had a fabulous lunch at Bottega Louie and ate amongst the stars (Amy Smart was right in front of me -hooray for celeb spotting!). It was a fun day. Hopefully B will be up and at 'em tomorrow and we can resume spring break play dates! Such a bummer to be sick during spring break! I'm in denial that Adam has to work this week...I think we should all still be playing! :) (I know, spoiled!!). Well, I'm gonna go get some laundry done and bake some banana bread for my sickie, thanks for checking in! xo

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