March 24, 2015

everything hurts

This weekend was really good! We hosted a dinner party on Friday night and that was a lot of fun, we're really enjoying getting to know our new friends better and we're so thankful for them! Saturday I purposefully didn't plan anything, I wanted a day to just chill and get my thoughts together for my wedding on Sunday. Adam took B to a museum for this dead sea scrolls exhibit that he heard about thru APU so I had the house to myself a bit. I cleaned my lenses, charged my batteries, packed my shoot sack, etc. Then Adam and B came home and we all hung out for a bit and then our friends called and said "Come over as soon as you can and join us for dinner!" So, we did! Our weekends are so nuts (for months in advance!) so I knew this opportunity likely wouldn't work out if we didn't take advantage of it right then. I'm SO glad we did, we don't see these dear friends often enough and it was so nice to be in their home and eat yummy food and just catch up on life. I woke up early on Sunday and was gone all day shooting a lovely wedding. When I left the venue that evening I could barely walk to my car -every.thing. hurt (and still does!). Its no secret I'm SO out of shape, but man! I haven't stood on my feet for over 8 hours in a while, and my neck was radiating pain all the way down my arm from my bag full of gear hanging on me all day. My wrist was hurting from holding my camera and I just felt like an old lady! Shooting weddings is no joke! The venue was also pretty vast and my timeline was blown with late arrivals, etc so I was r.u.n.n.i.n.g. from one place to the next (with said gear) which made for very sore legs the next day(s). I'm getting old!!! :(

In other GREAT news, our dear friends who have been waiting and longing for a baby welcomed their baby girl yesterday!!! We've been praying with B for this little one to arrive every.night. for over a year and we're all so excited!!! We went out to dinner and celebrated last night! B asked "are we still going to pray for her every night?" Sweet girl. Welcome to the world, Josephine!!! Which also means that I get to go to Waco next month to photograph this sweetpea!!! Can't wait! Its a quick trip but I'm already looking forward to being back in the 254 with some dear friends. :) So fun to see prayers answered through the eyes of a child, when we started praying for this baby my friend wasn't even pregnant yet, such a neat, tangible way for B to see how God does hear us and answers our prayers. Pretty cool.

Well, I've got my work cut out for me as far as culling and editing the next few weeks so I'm gonna get after it! Here is a peek from the wedding this weekend! Happy Tuesday, all! xo

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Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better soon. GORGEOUS photo!