March 30, 2015

I feel like a slug

This weekend was fun, I did a lot of eating so I'm feeling very sluggish today. :/ Friday night I made Ina's roasted chicken and veggies and Joy the Baker's chocolate peanut butter pretzel layer cake for our friends that came over. Saturday B and I had a lazy morning while Adam had to go to a workshop at school, then he came home and the three of us drove to Santa Monica and walked around third street, the pier, went to a movie and went out to dinner. It was a lovely family date and we all came home tired and happy. Sunday we got up early (grrr) and went to church, some friends asked us to go out to lunch with them so we went to Wahoo's Fish Tacos (I'm the only one who actually got a fish taco -yum) and then we came home and it was such a gorgeous day so Adam and I hung out on our front porch and just relaxed. Around 5:30pm we headed to South Pasadena to meet cousin Kyle for dinner, he treated us to YUMMY BBQ at Gus' (he's been telling us how good it is for ages and he was right! SO good!). Kyle has a new girlfriend so it was fun to meet her briefly before she had to get going...ah young love. :) Then we got home, put B to bed and Adam was off to "man night" with some church guys. A busy weekend but so so fun. Monday came too soon as always but I've got lots of work to do so I'm gonna get after it. Hope everyone had a great weekend, thanks for reading! xo

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