March 20, 2015

I think she's made the turn...

Poor B, she's been sick almost her whole spring break! I'm glad we made it to the beach this weekend b/c poor girl has been sick since we got home. :( Her fever has been gone since yesterday afternoon and when I woke up today she was crafting in her room...all good signs of recovery for the goose. :) She is so rarely sick, but it really takes her down when it hits! Tonight we're having a dinner party with our new church friends, sooo looking forward to that! I'm making this yummy baked risotto with caprese chicken and Ina Garten's eton mess for dessert -hope it all turns out! So, today its laundry, cleaning and cooking for me! This weekend I'm shooting my first California wedding...I'll take your prayers, I'm admittedly a bit nervous as its been a while since I've shot a wedding and I feel a tad out of my groove...I'm hoping its like riding a bike! :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend and do something fun and relaxing!! xoxo

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Kemi Winn said...

So sorry B has been so sick. : (
Wish I could eat at your house tonight. Love that eton mess!