March 26, 2015

Mundane Faithfulness

I didn't know Kara Tippetts but I wish I did. I started reading her blog recently and was so moved by her words of grace and encouragement in the midst of her dying of cancer. You can tell she was a person that everyone wanted to know -clearly magnetic in her personality and full of Jesus' love to whomever she encountered. I just read this morning that she passed away a few days ago, I knew it was coming but I thought she would have more time, it kinda feels like a punch in the gut, I wasn't expecting to see that news when I went to her blog today. My take-away from Kara the past 2 months or so that I've been reading her blog is to not sweat the small stuff, to not waste this precious life harboring resentment and anger, to move on from past hurts and embrace life and the beauty that it is. This season of life has me more introspective than usual, being uprooted when you're close to 40 will do that to you, I guess. I want to live out my church's (in Texas) benediction of: loving God, embracing beauty, and living life to the fullest -I don't want to just say it. Kara was 1 year older than me, that's it -this could just as easily be my story and although I pray its not, if it is I want to know that I lived life intentionally while evidently loving Jesus and others well. Thank you Kara for your example to me and so many others, run with Jesus. xo

(You can read Kara's blog here: mundanefaithfulness[dot]com)


Anonymous said...

Molly, this really spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing her story and your heart. I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Kara's story is a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness. It should truly inspire us to live grace filled lives. Thanks for sharing it, Molly.