April 29, 2015

Vegas, Baby

This past weekend was busy but super fun! The 3 of us drove to Las Vegas and got there Friday night. We met up with cousin Mike and went out to dinner, then we went on "The World's Largest Observation Wheel," saw some great views (a bit too high for B as it turns out), walked around the strip (which in hindsight...maybe not the best place for an 8 year old at 11pm on a Friday night? :/), tried to see some of the Bellagio fountain action and got cupcakes, fun! Saturday Mike and I were on a mission, we had a list of interior design stuff to tackle and we went.after.it. Whew! It was a long day of going to MANY shops and checking things off our list, all in in all we did pretty well! Not everything got accomplished but we made great progress so that was good! We came home, changed our clothes and met B and Adam for a nice dinner. After dinner Adam and B headed back to Mike's and Mike and I hit up the casinos and made our way to see B R I T N E Y S P E A R S!! Anyone who knows me at all knows this has been on my to-do list for YEARS so it was highly anticipated and it did not disappoint! She was fab, just like I expected. :) I slept in on Sunday and then the 4 of us got a good Mexican lunch, came back to Mike's and I put the chairs in order for the outdoor fire pit area we created and then it was time to head home. It went too fast but we had a great time. I told Adam (as we were sitting in horrendous traffic) "We should've stayed one more day." Next time! Adam is wrapping up his first full year at APU this week (which is so crazy to me! Where did the time go?!) and B is starting the countdown to summer. We've got a busy weekend ahead with dinner plans, birthday party, APU graduation (for Adam), family coming over on Sunday for a BBQ, etc. May is about to be in full swing! I hope everyone has a great week, as always, thanks for checking in! xo

April 24, 2015

I'm gonna blink and it will be August

I'm looking at the calendar and getting that "how is it August already?" feeling. Almost every weekend is spoken for between now and August...what?! Its such a nutty time of year!! May is going to be a lot of fun, just really busy. I'm looking forward to momsie being in town and Doug and Kemi, and our cruise, family camp, its just going to all fly by! I just officially booked our plane tickets for Texas in June, I'm shooting a wedding which is the catalyst for the trip but we're turning it into a vacation and are going to see friends and just be in Waco for a week, can't wait. Today is laundry and packing for the weekend, I'm taking B out of school and bit early and am then swinging by APU to pick up Adam and we're off to Vegas for the weekend to see cousin Mike! (it was a lot more convenient when he lived in Orange county!!) I'm going to help him decorate his home and make it cozy, it will be fun. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!! xo

April 20, 2015

baby shower brunch

This weekend was nice and chill, just what we all needed after a hectic week. I had booked a sitter weeks ago in an effort to take Adam on an surprise date but our sitter called last minute and said she had strep so had to cancel. It ended up becoming a family date and we went to the movies and out to dinner instead, fun. :) I think this week will be the calm before the crazy, May is NUTS for us! We are booked solid in May with family coming into town, church family camp, a long-awaited cruise Adam and I have been planning for years, etc. This weekend we're headed to Las Vegas to visit cousin Mike and Mike is taking me on our annual date...to BRITNEY SPEARS!! That's right ya'll, don't be too jealous! :) I can't wait!!! So this week is lots of work for me and Adam wrapping up his semester at APU, we both can't believe we've almost finished our first academic year here, that went.fast. Time is so weird the older you get, it really does seem to fly by. Speaking of flying by, I feel like it was 2 seconds ago that my friend Emily told me she was pregnant and now we're only days away from her baby coming!! So crazy! I hosted a little baby shower brunch for her about a week-ish ago, here are some photos of the sweet time we had. Happy Monday, all! xo



April 17, 2015

2 days in Waco feels like 2 seconds + Yvonne

This was a crazy-fast week. I flew to Waco early Monday morning and got back later afternoon yesterday. The purpose of the trip was to meet/photograph my sweet friend's new baby that many of us have prayed long and hard for. While I was in Texas I had 4 shoots, a meeting with a bride and a handful of lunches/dinners/coffees where I got short visits with dear friends. Two days was of course not near long enough to see all of my favorite people and I hate feeling so rushed but its always good for my soul to be back in the 254. For some reason, it was especially hard to leave Waco this time, this was my third trip since we moved and I already know I'll be back there in 8 weeks but still, it was hard getting on that plane (I mean, of course I couldn't wait to love on A and B) but I had an ache in my heart as I took off. Texas still feels like my home, and California still doesn't, one day at a time. {Sidenote: THANK YOU to those of you who prayed about the weather, the thunderstorms kept getting pushed back and the 2 days I was in Waco were GREAT, great for shooting, great for eating outside, just GREAT so thank you!!}

When I was getting on my plane to head home I got the sad news that my aunt had passed away from complications due to alzheimer's. It's always hard loosing someone but alzheimer's is so cruel, and the person we know and love slowly disappears over time so its like someone else is leaving, but there is a void all the same. Its like a slow death as you watch them morph into someone completely different and it makes the final death feel like they are finally at peace and "themselves" again. My aunt was always sweet to me, she was always so happy and smiley even though her health has always been an unfair dealt hand. I will remember her that way, happy, with a smile on her face making jokes about how she can eat like a horse (and she could!) though she was always so thin! Today I will picture her running with Jesus and being freed from all her health maladies and truly being at peace. So thankful this earthly end is not the end, but just the beginning of real wholeness and real joy. xo

Here's another new beginning that is God's faithfulness....

April 10, 2015

playing "realtor" today

Its been a good week! I feel like I've gotten a lot done which is always nice! We had Adam's students over Tuesday night, that was a lot of fun, I haven't cooked dinner for college kids in a long time...felt good. As much as it felt "right" to have my house full of students I'd be lying if I said it didn't bring an ache to my heart, those kids weren't "mine" and it made me miss mine all the more. :( I posted a photo of my full kitchen on instagram and several of my kiddos made comments like "imposters!" and "I'm jealous right now" or "wish it was me" and all I could think was "me too." I don't think my heart is ready to dive back into youth ministry just yet...I think I need more time, which is good to know. *(people ask me regularly if I'm doing that so...there you have it)

Today I get to play realtor! Most people that know me personally know I stalk real estate, I have for years, its definitely a passion of mine and yet, I really have no desire to be a realtor -too much pressure/stress! (esp in southern CA where things sell in 1 day for at least $75K over asking most of the time!). Anyhoo, my realtor has an inspection today for a client and has another meeting she has to get to so she's paying me to stand in her place for a few hours! So, I'll get a taste of realtor life today, sounds kinda fun, :) I'm hosting a small baby shower brunch at my house tomorrow morning for a dear friend who is getting ready to welcome a baby girl so I've got lots to do today to get ready! (I was planning on spending my day doing just that until my realtor called so now....I really gotta bust it!). I head out to Waco on Monday so have lots on my mind, if you're of the praying kind I'd welcome your prayers for weather...it keeps showing thunder storms when I'm there which, clearly, doesn't work so well for photos!! Today it looked more promising and in Texas the weather can change by the minute so....fingers crossed! Thanks for checking in, all!! xo

** I just blogged my first CA wedding, check it out HERE!**

April 7, 2015

Full House

Adam invited a small class of his over for dinner tonight, it will be fun to have our house full of college students again...although, I must admit, just thinking about it makes me long for my students. I've made 2 kinds of cornbread, a jalapeno cheese and a plain, and then I'll make my chili that feeds the masses. It hardly ever rains in southern California and its supposed to rain tonight -boo! Our house is so much more "fun" when the sliding doors are open and the light is pouring in and we can be on the porch and in the kitchen. Tonight is the only time its suppose to rain for the foreseeable future, boooo (although, we desperately need it so I know I shouldn't complain). This morning I got up early and met my friend for breakfast, we celebrated her birthday and caught up on life -so good to see her. Its amazing how her living 30 minutes down the freeway makes it so hard to see each other. Life is busy. Well, I've got just a little time to edit before I need to start the chili and then need to pick B up from school so I'm gonna get after it. Happy Tuesday! xo

April 6, 2015

Easter Weeekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! We sure did! Adam had Friday off work so we went on a date, out to a movie and to a yummy lunch (public service announcement: if you go to the Cheesecake Factory any time in the near future try the lemon meringue cheesecake...to.die.for.). Came home, then I went to my friend's house and she helped me make sugar cookies for Easter, and then we went over to some of our new church friends place for dinner, it was fun for the kiddos to play and the adults got to eat a YUMMY dinner outside on their lovely patio -so fun! Saturday I made Joy the Baker's lemon blueberry pie and her chocolate brownie pie (for Easter), then we went to Home Depot and purchased a shed for our backyard (so we can FINALLY get the guest house up and running!). After all that we used the Easter Bunny's money eggs (thanks mom!) to go on a family date! We saw Cinderella and went to this Italian restaurant that we hadn't been to before. Sunday was Easter! Christ is risen, indeed! We went to church, then came home and grabbed the food and drove out to Riverside to spend the day with our cousins/aunt/unlces and celebrate our risen King ~ it was a pretty great day! As always Monday came too soon and I've got my work cut out for me today (since I haven't done any since Thursday! :/) ~ have a lovely day, all! xo