April 17, 2015

2 days in Waco feels like 2 seconds + Yvonne

This was a crazy-fast week. I flew to Waco early Monday morning and got back later afternoon yesterday. The purpose of the trip was to meet/photograph my sweet friend's new baby that many of us have prayed long and hard for. While I was in Texas I had 4 shoots, a meeting with a bride and a handful of lunches/dinners/coffees where I got short visits with dear friends. Two days was of course not near long enough to see all of my favorite people and I hate feeling so rushed but its always good for my soul to be back in the 254. For some reason, it was especially hard to leave Waco this time, this was my third trip since we moved and I already know I'll be back there in 8 weeks but still, it was hard getting on that plane (I mean, of course I couldn't wait to love on A and B) but I had an ache in my heart as I took off. Texas still feels like my home, and California still doesn't, one day at a time. {Sidenote: THANK YOU to those of you who prayed about the weather, the thunderstorms kept getting pushed back and the 2 days I was in Waco were GREAT, great for shooting, great for eating outside, just GREAT so thank you!!}

When I was getting on my plane to head home I got the sad news that my aunt had passed away from complications due to alzheimer's. It's always hard loosing someone but alzheimer's is so cruel, and the person we know and love slowly disappears over time so its like someone else is leaving, but there is a void all the same. Its like a slow death as you watch them morph into someone completely different and it makes the final death feel like they are finally at peace and "themselves" again. My aunt was always sweet to me, she was always so happy and smiley even though her health has always been an unfair dealt hand. I will remember her that way, happy, with a smile on her face making jokes about how she can eat like a horse (and she could!) though she was always so thin! Today I will picture her running with Jesus and being freed from all her health maladies and truly being at peace. So thankful this earthly end is not the end, but just the beginning of real wholeness and real joy. xo

Here's another new beginning that is God's faithfulness....

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Kemi Winn said...

Thinking about your sweet Aunt Yvonne today. I always enjoyed the few times I had with her. What a wonderful sense of humor she had and how she could dance! Saying goodbye to someone we love is so hard. Visualizing her whole and healed with Jesus is a beautiful vision!
Praying for you and the family.