April 20, 2015

baby shower brunch

This weekend was nice and chill, just what we all needed after a hectic week. I had booked a sitter weeks ago in an effort to take Adam on an surprise date but our sitter called last minute and said she had strep so had to cancel. It ended up becoming a family date and we went to the movies and out to dinner instead, fun. :) I think this week will be the calm before the crazy, May is NUTS for us! We are booked solid in May with family coming into town, church family camp, a long-awaited cruise Adam and I have been planning for years, etc. This weekend we're headed to Las Vegas to visit cousin Mike and Mike is taking me on our annual date...to BRITNEY SPEARS!! That's right ya'll, don't be too jealous! :) I can't wait!!! So this week is lots of work for me and Adam wrapping up his semester at APU, we both can't believe we've almost finished our first academic year here, that went.fast. Time is so weird the older you get, it really does seem to fly by. Speaking of flying by, I feel like it was 2 seconds ago that my friend Emily told me she was pregnant and now we're only days away from her baby coming!! So crazy! I hosted a little baby shower brunch for her about a week-ish ago, here are some photos of the sweet time we had. Happy Monday, all! xo



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