April 7, 2015

Full House

Adam invited a small class of his over for dinner tonight, it will be fun to have our house full of college students again...although, I must admit, just thinking about it makes me long for my students. I've made 2 kinds of cornbread, a jalapeno cheese and a plain, and then I'll make my chili that feeds the masses. It hardly ever rains in southern California and its supposed to rain tonight -boo! Our house is so much more "fun" when the sliding doors are open and the light is pouring in and we can be on the porch and in the kitchen. Tonight is the only time its suppose to rain for the foreseeable future, boooo (although, we desperately need it so I know I shouldn't complain). This morning I got up early and met my friend for breakfast, we celebrated her birthday and caught up on life -so good to see her. Its amazing how her living 30 minutes down the freeway makes it so hard to see each other. Life is busy. Well, I've got just a little time to edit before I need to start the chili and then need to pick B up from school so I'm gonna get after it. Happy Tuesday! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

What a special treat for the students! Bet they didn't care if it rained.