April 24, 2015

I'm gonna blink and it will be August

I'm looking at the calendar and getting that "how is it August already?" feeling. Almost every weekend is spoken for between now and August...what?! Its such a nutty time of year!! May is going to be a lot of fun, just really busy. I'm looking forward to momsie being in town and Doug and Kemi, and our cruise, family camp, its just going to all fly by! I just officially booked our plane tickets for Texas in June, I'm shooting a wedding which is the catalyst for the trip but we're turning it into a vacation and are going to see friends and just be in Waco for a week, can't wait. Today is laundry and packing for the weekend, I'm taking B out of school and bit early and am then swinging by APU to pick up Adam and we're off to Vegas for the weekend to see cousin Mike! (it was a lot more convenient when he lived in Orange county!!) I'm going to help him decorate his home and make it cozy, it will be fun. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!! xo

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