April 10, 2015

playing "realtor" today

Its been a good week! I feel like I've gotten a lot done which is always nice! We had Adam's students over Tuesday night, that was a lot of fun, I haven't cooked dinner for college kids in a long time...felt good. As much as it felt "right" to have my house full of students I'd be lying if I said it didn't bring an ache to my heart, those kids weren't "mine" and it made me miss mine all the more. :( I posted a photo of my full kitchen on instagram and several of my kiddos made comments like "imposters!" and "I'm jealous right now" or "wish it was me" and all I could think was "me too." I don't think my heart is ready to dive back into youth ministry just yet...I think I need more time, which is good to know. *(people ask me regularly if I'm doing that so...there you have it)

Today I get to play realtor! Most people that know me personally know I stalk real estate, I have for years, its definitely a passion of mine and yet, I really have no desire to be a realtor -too much pressure/stress! (esp in southern CA where things sell in 1 day for at least $75K over asking most of the time!). Anyhoo, my realtor has an inspection today for a client and has another meeting she has to get to so she's paying me to stand in her place for a few hours! So, I'll get a taste of realtor life today, sounds kinda fun, :) I'm hosting a small baby shower brunch at my house tomorrow morning for a dear friend who is getting ready to welcome a baby girl so I've got lots to do today to get ready! (I was planning on spending my day doing just that until my realtor called so now....I really gotta bust it!). I head out to Waco on Monday so have lots on my mind, if you're of the praying kind I'd welcome your prayers for weather...it keeps showing thunder storms when I'm there which, clearly, doesn't work so well for photos!! Today it looked more promising and in Texas the weather can change by the minute so....fingers crossed! Thanks for checking in, all!! xo

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