April 29, 2015

Vegas, Baby

This past weekend was busy but super fun! The 3 of us drove to Las Vegas and got there Friday night. We met up with cousin Mike and went out to dinner, then we went on "The World's Largest Observation Wheel," saw some great views (a bit too high for B as it turns out), walked around the strip (which in hindsight...maybe not the best place for an 8 year old at 11pm on a Friday night? :/), tried to see some of the Bellagio fountain action and got cupcakes, fun! Saturday Mike and I were on a mission, we had a list of interior design stuff to tackle and we went.after.it. Whew! It was a long day of going to MANY shops and checking things off our list, all in in all we did pretty well! Not everything got accomplished but we made great progress so that was good! We came home, changed our clothes and met B and Adam for a nice dinner. After dinner Adam and B headed back to Mike's and Mike and I hit up the casinos and made our way to see B R I T N E Y S P E A R S!! Anyone who knows me at all knows this has been on my to-do list for YEARS so it was highly anticipated and it did not disappoint! She was fab, just like I expected. :) I slept in on Sunday and then the 4 of us got a good Mexican lunch, came back to Mike's and I put the chairs in order for the outdoor fire pit area we created and then it was time to head home. It went too fast but we had a great time. I told Adam (as we were sitting in horrendous traffic) "We should've stayed one more day." Next time! Adam is wrapping up his first full year at APU this week (which is so crazy to me! Where did the time go?!) and B is starting the countdown to summer. We've got a busy weekend ahead with dinner plans, birthday party, APU graduation (for Adam), family coming over on Sunday for a BBQ, etc. May is about to be in full swing! I hope everyone has a great week, as always, thanks for checking in! xo

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