May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 and other things

Mother's day was really really lovely. As previously mentioned the weather around here hasn't been too great, but the sun came out on Sunday and it was so nice! All 3 of us went to the Rose bowl flea market (which is one of my very favorite things), then we came home and laid outside on the grass for a while. Then we showered and did a little shopping in Old Town before having HUGE burgers at Slaters 50/50 for lunch. We did a little more shopping on the way to the car and then came home and sat on the porch and then later Adam and I watched one of our favorite shows. All in all, a great mothers day with my 2 favorites. :) Hope all you mamas out there had a great one, too!

This week has been pretty chill, tonight one of our friends from high sierra is coming to spend the night at our house -it will be good to see him. Then tomorrow we'll get the house cleaned and ready for momsie to come on Thursday! Brennan has been asking how much longer until Thursday (she's pretty excited to see grandma). I got a letter in the mail that B is getting an award at school on Friday so it will be fun to have mom in town to get to see her accept it! They mentioned it would be a good idea to keep it a secret so I haven't told B. :) So proud of my girl!

Our friends and Adam and I are officially on our "cruise countdown" -can't wait for vacation with some of our besties!! Its been a weird/odd/tough year, looking forward to a break from real life. :) Happy Tuesday, all! xo

PS Check out my blog over here and check out this cute senior!

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