May 7, 2015

rough couple weeks

Its been gloomy and ick here in southern California the past week, I'm ready for the sunshine to come back out and to resume evenings on my porch with Adam and B. :) I feel like the weather has also been indicative of how the past couple weeks have been, gloomy and ick. I don't want this blog to be my venting place (well, today anyway :) so I'll just say its lame when adults don't act like adults and don't take ownership of their mistakes. I'll just leave it at that.

Anyhoo..........momsie comes a week from today (who hoo!) and I've got some little projects that have been hanging over my head that I want to work on before she gets here. B gets out of school at 11:30am today (does any one else notice a theme of my kid NEVER being in school?!) so I'm off to get her shortly. Thankfully Adam's sickness is on the mend (he's had a nasty cold all week) and the sun is supposed to come back soon, hopefully a new day is coming! :) Thanks for checking in! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Praying for brighter days ahead.

I'm so glad yor mom gets to come for a visit. I know she's looking forward to it.