June 29, 2015

TOAD & other fun things

Summer is in full swing around here! Its been getting hotter and hotter and the summer fun is well underway! This past week was nutty, but in a good way! B was in VBS all week, she had a good time but I think she was also okay w/ it being over. :) My bestie Kelly was in town for 3 days so we had lots of fun running errands, eating good food, watching movies, etc. On Monday the 4 of us went to an Astros game, that was lots of fun but sadly they lost by 1 run, boo! I'm pretty sure we were the only Astros fans in the stadium! Wednesday Adam and I went on a date for our anniversary and Lauren and Kelly stayed w/ B (thanks gals!). We tried a new French restaurant...it was just okay, then we went to a movie, it was a fun night. Friday Adam and I had SO MUCH FUN, we drove to Temecula and went to the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert!!! This was a-maz-ing! I've been a huge fan of Toad for years and they sounded just as good as they ever have, it was a great time! Saturday we felt so spoiled, some sweet friends invited us to go with them to the Cal Philharmonic, it was lovely! 6 of us brought wine, cheese, crackers, meats, brownies, etc. and had a table all to ourselves and listened to beautiful music and chatted the night away! It was a beautiful southern California evening and such a treat. Last week was "play" week and this week is "catch up on work, do laundry, pack, and shoot" week. I'm still knee deep in editing from my Waco sessions and I fly out early Friday morning to northern California to shoot a wedding. Summer is a-flyin' by! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are, thanks for reading! xo

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June 24, 2015

15 Years

15 years ago today Adam and I tied the knot! 15 sounds like a lot to me, also makes me feel old! The other day I had a conversation with B that warmed my heart/made me laugh so I'm going to share it here (it seems applicable today):

[out of the clear blue]

B: I'm really glad you married daddy

Me: Me too, B, one of the best decisions I've ever made

B: Its THE best decision you've ever made

Me: Well, choosing to follow Jesus was the best decision I ever made, but marrying daddy was second

B: And then having me was third

Me: Agreed. :)

Sweet girl, I don't know where she comes up with her thoughts/comments sometimes but they sure can be sweet!

I'm very grateful for the 15 years the Lord has seen fit to give Adam and I together, I hope and pray for many many more to come! Happy Anniversary, Adam, love you beyond words! xo

June 22, 2015

sickness/Texas/vbs/summer/some thoughts

Whew! I knew this summer would feel like a whirlwind, and so far, it has. We got back from Texas super late Thursday night and we've been easing back into life since. Waco was good, of course. Poor B had a rough start (which means we all had a rough start). B started throwing up while we were stuck in LA traffic at 7am on the way to the airport, it was raining, my gps was re-routing me through downtown to avoid the freeway, etc. It was the recipe for stress and disaster. We practically walked onto our plane and then we headed to Dallas. The decent into Dallas was ROUGH so then, once again, B started throwing up, and I started to feel nauseous as well from turbulence, only have eaten m&m's all day, and my kid being sick -it was AWFUL. Then we exited the plane and the heat and humidity hit us like a ton of bricks and then...B threw up AGAIN. We got our rental car, started the drive to Waco and poor B got sick AGAIN. We arrived in Waco and our gracious friends let us stay in their backhouse where we hunkered down for about 2 days until B came back to life. A rough way to start the trip and also cancelling plans we had in the works for months was hard. Thankfully most things could be re-scheduled and we made the most of every day we had in Waco. We saw lots of friends, went to church, I had many shoots (had to cancel one due to weather -boo!) and just really enjoyed being there, good for the soul.

Since we got back on Thursday we've been celebrating Adam on father's day, catching up with some friends, cleaning a bit, and getting the house ready for our next guest who comes today! My bestie is coming into town from Maine, can't wait to have her here and soak her up for a few days. :) My realtor friend asked me to do some work for her today as well so I'm going to play "Realtor" for the afternoon (ironically in a house we desperately wanted to buy last summer that was a bit over our budget, the new owners did some work and put it back on the market and in a year it has already gone up $184K from the asking price A YEAR AGO!!! Unreal. I'm sure I'll have some house envy b/c its the cutest Janes Cottage but, alas...wasn't meant to be. :)

This morning we dropped B off at VBS at our old church, she was super hesitant to go so any prayers for a good time for my girl would be appreciated. :) I really think when the week is done she will be so glad she went, but she isn't a fan of new things so...fingers crossed!

This Sunday was good, not only b/c it was Father's Day but we went back to a church we had previously tried a couple times and some of the things about it that we weren't fans of (ie no building) have been rectified! It was really encouraging and some new friends came with us so, I'm hopeful this place will work out! I would love to not have to try 9 more churches to find "the one"  -I'm kinda worn out from the previous hunt.

Sorry, this blog post is kinda disjointed and all over the road, which if I'm being honest, has pretty much been the Winn theme of the past year.

On the way to drop B off at VBS this morning I read a church marquee that said something like "What consumes your thoughts dictates your life" -and it got me thinking. I have had some things on "re-play" in my mind this past year, and not necessarily helpful or life-giving things, but rather un-productive things that I want to be better at letting go. I really want to live a life dictated by a heart that seeks the face of Jesus, that is really my hearts desire. Living a Christian life can be really hard and exhausting a lot of the time, and since I fail so often its easy to get discouraged and become complacent but I know that's not what I want for myself, or to model to my daughter. I'm gonna let that marquee marinate in my soul for a bit, maybe I'm not the only one out there reading this who needed to hear it? As always, thanks for caring about our lives and checking in. xo

June 9, 2015

kicking off summer right

Well, we're getting a good start on summer over here! Friday was a lazy day at home, we stayed in our pjs, lounged, slept in, had pancakes and just let the feel of summer take over. Saturday ended up being a zoo, what was supposed to be a simple task of Adam running to the Glendale Target to pick up a patio table turned into a 4 hour ordeal of back and forth, borrowing a friends truck, etc.. Ay yi yi, the end result being, now we can eat outside! Who hoo! We still need to get an umbrella for the table to block the sun (there is zero shade in our yard), but, we're well on our way! Right after we finished dealing with the table we raced to pick up some food and then went to our friends house to all have dinner together while the kiddos played late into the night. Its so fun sitting outside with good friends, fire pit going, s'mores roasting, kids laughter in the background, those are some of my favorite moments. On Sunday one of our old college students from our time at high sierra came over for the afternoon, love that girl! Then, right as she left some of friends up the street came over for a lazy afternoon of hanging out and a casual dinner of grilling burgers and watching the NBA finals. It was a full fun weekend to welcome summer! Today I was supposed to head to Orange Country to help a friend decorate her new home but she texted late last night and said she got a bug and wasn't feeling well, bummer! So today will be a chill day of packing and laundry to get ready for our trip to Waco on Thursday morning! Its gonna be quiet on the ol' blog for the next week while we're gone but I'll have some pics to share when we get back! Have a great week! xo

June 5, 2015

well, that went fast!

I've been waiting and waiting for my friend Jen to come into town, we haven't spent a chunk of time together in YEARS and I was SO looking forward to having her here! She came, and it was great and now I'm wanting more time (of course!). There's just something about being with an old friend whose seen you through it all, so much history there and I'm so thankful for her. We had a full 3 days, we wanted to see as much of LA as we could so we went after it! We shopped in Old Town Pasadena, we shopped at the Grove in LA, we ate cupcakes, we had lunch at the farmers market, we shopped on Venice Blvd/Abbot Kinney, we had dinner at the ever famous Sur in West Hollywood, we went to the Griffith Observatory and saw the amazing LA views and the Hollywood sign, we went to this cute bakery/restaurant in Los Feliz that got rave reviews, and we did lots and lots of catching up. It went too fast of course but I loved every minute of having her here.

Yesterday was B's official last day of school, I can't believe we have a 3rd grader in the house! Sounds so old and grown up! Adam picked up B from school (I was with Jen and had to get her to the airport) and said that she was crying when he got her because she was sad to say goodbye to her friends for the summer...sweet girl. We told her she could pick where we went out to dinner to celebrate and she picked Jimmy Johns for a sub sandwich and then the Cheesecake Factory for dessert (that's my girl!). I think B completing her first year of school in CA was a big accomplishment for all of us, I think we all feel a sigh of relief and accomplishment for making it through. It was really a rough start and just the mere size of her class and distance from home to school by comparison of Texas was a lot for all of us. It was a big adjustment and I'm thankful we've got one year down with success! Tears of missing friends is a good sign I think, makes me feel like she's adjusted and happy there which warms my heart immensely.

We go to Waco in 6 days, we're all looking forward to it but also looking forward to a quiet week at home adjusting to summer before running out the door. Its going to be a full and busy week in Waco, but really, really good -I just know it. :)

Well, summer is in full swing in the Winn household so that always means a more quiet blog...as always, thanks for checking in on us. xo

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