June 24, 2015

15 Years

15 years ago today Adam and I tied the knot! 15 sounds like a lot to me, also makes me feel old! The other day I had a conversation with B that warmed my heart/made me laugh so I'm going to share it here (it seems applicable today):

[out of the clear blue]

B: I'm really glad you married daddy

Me: Me too, B, one of the best decisions I've ever made

B: Its THE best decision you've ever made

Me: Well, choosing to follow Jesus was the best decision I ever made, but marrying daddy was second

B: And then having me was third

Me: Agreed. :)

Sweet girl, I don't know where she comes up with her thoughts/comments sometimes but they sure can be sweet!

I'm very grateful for the 15 years the Lord has seen fit to give Adam and I together, I hope and pray for many many more to come! Happy Anniversary, Adam, love you beyond words! xo

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