June 9, 2015

kicking off summer right

Well, we're getting a good start on summer over here! Friday was a lazy day at home, we stayed in our pjs, lounged, slept in, had pancakes and just let the feel of summer take over. Saturday ended up being a zoo, what was supposed to be a simple task of Adam running to the Glendale Target to pick up a patio table turned into a 4 hour ordeal of back and forth, borrowing a friends truck, etc.. Ay yi yi, the end result being, now we can eat outside! Who hoo! We still need to get an umbrella for the table to block the sun (there is zero shade in our yard), but, we're well on our way! Right after we finished dealing with the table we raced to pick up some food and then went to our friends house to all have dinner together while the kiddos played late into the night. Its so fun sitting outside with good friends, fire pit going, s'mores roasting, kids laughter in the background, those are some of my favorite moments. On Sunday one of our old college students from our time at high sierra came over for the afternoon, love that girl! Then, right as she left some of friends up the street came over for a lazy afternoon of hanging out and a casual dinner of grilling burgers and watching the NBA finals. It was a full fun weekend to welcome summer! Today I was supposed to head to Orange Country to help a friend decorate her new home but she texted late last night and said she got a bug and wasn't feeling well, bummer! So today will be a chill day of packing and laundry to get ready for our trip to Waco on Thursday morning! Its gonna be quiet on the ol' blog for the next week while we're gone but I'll have some pics to share when we get back! Have a great week! xo

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