June 5, 2015

well, that went fast!

I've been waiting and waiting for my friend Jen to come into town, we haven't spent a chunk of time together in YEARS and I was SO looking forward to having her here! She came, and it was great and now I'm wanting more time (of course!). There's just something about being with an old friend whose seen you through it all, so much history there and I'm so thankful for her. We had a full 3 days, we wanted to see as much of LA as we could so we went after it! We shopped in Old Town Pasadena, we shopped at the Grove in LA, we ate cupcakes, we had lunch at the farmers market, we shopped on Venice Blvd/Abbot Kinney, we had dinner at the ever famous Sur in West Hollywood, we went to the Griffith Observatory and saw the amazing LA views and the Hollywood sign, we went to this cute bakery/restaurant in Los Feliz that got rave reviews, and we did lots and lots of catching up. It went too fast of course but I loved every minute of having her here.

Yesterday was B's official last day of school, I can't believe we have a 3rd grader in the house! Sounds so old and grown up! Adam picked up B from school (I was with Jen and had to get her to the airport) and said that she was crying when he got her because she was sad to say goodbye to her friends for the summer...sweet girl. We told her she could pick where we went out to dinner to celebrate and she picked Jimmy Johns for a sub sandwich and then the Cheesecake Factory for dessert (that's my girl!). I think B completing her first year of school in CA was a big accomplishment for all of us, I think we all feel a sigh of relief and accomplishment for making it through. It was really a rough start and just the mere size of her class and distance from home to school by comparison of Texas was a lot for all of us. It was a big adjustment and I'm thankful we've got one year down with success! Tears of missing friends is a good sign I think, makes me feel like she's adjusted and happy there which warms my heart immensely.

We go to Waco in 6 days, we're all looking forward to it but also looking forward to a quiet week at home adjusting to summer before running out the door. Its going to be a full and busy week in Waco, but really, really good -I just know it. :)

Well, summer is in full swing in the Winn household so that always means a more quiet blog...as always, thanks for checking in on us. xo

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