July 25, 2015


After 2 long days of driving we got home last night, and it feels so good to be home! Vacation was lovely, it was so good to be "home" and get some good family time in. I have lots to blog about but things are gonna be a bit nutty around here for another week or so! We are going with our friends to the Cal Philharmonic tonight and I've got to get to the store and do laundry and get some editing done (that I may or may not have been neglecting for the past couple weeks!) so I need to get after it! I did update the ol' blog so if you haven't checked that out in a while head on over HERE to see this cute fam! More to come! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Very cute pics!

Thanks for making that long drive. It was wonderful to have you here! Very sad coming home to an empty house