August 18, 2015

B's non-first day of school

So, today was supposed to be B's first day of school, but...she's sick. BIG SIGH. I don't know why, but for some reason it really, really bothers me that she's missing her first day, it just seems so wrong! Who misses their first day?! Yesterday her fever got to 102 and she's been dry heaving, some..not much though, but also, she didn't eat one bite of food yesterday. I'm really hoping she'll be in better shape tomorrow, please pray she can go - its so hard to miss stuff at the beginning (and Adam had to physically go to her school today and explain she was ill so they didn't take her off the roster!!). It seems like if its not one thing its another these days.

We cleaned our house the other night before our company came over and I'm pretty much caught up on laundry so I'm getting a bit of cabin fever hunkering down here at home. I've been listening to a lot of sermons online from my pastor in Waco and from my old boss when I worked for Young Life (who is the pastor of a church we might try about 35 mins down the freeway). Trying to make the most of these moments and be intentional with this time. Well, again, would appreciate your prayers for girl, fingers crossed for tomorrow! xo

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Carrie Schlafmann said...

Sorry Molly. Poor B -- hope she's feeling better...sorry to you guys are going through so many of the same emotions as last year at this time. After our fabulous summer away from here, moving back to Moscow for the school year hasn't been easy either, so I can relate a bit. Will be thinking of you guys on Sundays too as you work to find a church to call home.