August 19, 2015

"First" day of 3rd Grade

We took B to urgent care yesterday b/c her fever kept creeping up, turns out she had a UTI and wasn't "sick' after all. So, got her on some meds and she was off to school today! I got a little emotional walking onto her campus and watching her bestie run up to her and hug her for a solid 3 minutes. All the memories of last year came flooding back to me, my begging and pleading with the Lord to provide her with at least one good friend as I ran to my car sobbing. To see the tangible way in which God was faithful to (me) her was a neat reminder this morning. It was also a night and day experience from last year, we knew where to go, we recognized some kids and parents, B was more confident, Adam was with us, and it was a typical first day experience versus an emotional train wreck. Tears streamed down my face as Adam and I walked to the car as I recalled how I felt last year at this time and how this year was so much better, and Adam was with me (last year he had to be at work). I said to Adam "this is another first that is a last." Parenting an only child brings a lot of "last firsts" and I really try to be present in these moments, knowing I won't do them again. Bittersweet really is the best word to describe how I'm feeling today. Another sweet moment that happened this morning...we stopped by B's classroom to peek in, knowing everyone meets on the playground but just to see it, and another little girl came up with her mom, she had an oxygen mask on and didn't look familiar to me so I didn't say anything but she saw Brennan and in the sweetest voice said "Brennan! I'm so happy to see you!!" And just like heart burst. As my friend said to me yesterday "this parenting stuff is no joke!" Your heart really is walking around outside your body when you become a parent, and it is often most apparent (in my opinion) on the first days of elementary school. I already can't wait to pick up my girl and hear how her day went! xo


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