August 21, 2015

first week down

Well, today is the last day of B's first week of third grade! We made it. B isn't too talkative and doesn't expand very much when asked questions so, all in all I think her first day of school was pretty good. She agreed it was leaps and bounds better than last year and she likes her teacher so, I'll call it a success. I'm pretty sure I've heard this saying before: that you are only as happy as your kids -I think this is true. As a parent, if your kids are "off" then I think you can only be so content yourself because you are only as happy as your children. B has seemed a bit off to me lately, not her normal self which I can feel trickling down into my own life. I'm okay, because I think my daughter is just okay. I'm hopeful she'll get into a groove and her normal self will "come back" but I think its just a part of this journey, in this phase that is our life right now. I was listening to UBC's sermon this morning (what can I say, I'm an emotional cutter ;) and Josh said "good gifts come from death." He didn't mean in the literal someone dying (although this is the case too sometimes), but in the defining, hard moments that we go through, good things come from that hard. A good reminder for me this morning as I watch B navigate this new year, this new season of her life.

Tonight we got a babysitter, Adam and I are going out w/ some of our besties to celebrate a class being over for our friend, and the freedom that this year will bring after a hard year, looking forward to that. :) I love celebrating people, life has lots of hard things, its important to rejoice in the good things, big or small. Happy weekend, all! xo

PS I've blogged a couple sessions lately so head on over HERE!

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