August 24, 2015

Little Beast

Friday night we celebrated with our friends who have finished a busy/tough year and we went to the most perfectly quaint, little restaurant called Little Beast. The menu was simple but stellar, and the ambiance could I'm a sucker for eating outside and they had the most perfect patio with strands of lights was great. Such a fun night with some of our favorite people, these are the things I love about southern California.

We tried church #12 (I think) this weekend. We ventured further out since we haven't had much luck around here. My old boss from my Young Life days is the pastor of a church out in Claremont (about 30 mins down the freeway) so we went there. The people were super nice, it was great to see Donn, the worship was just okay, but B...wasn't a fan. Her complaints were things that weren't deal breakers to me so, I told her we might give it another go. All in all it was nice to walk out not feeling defeated but to actually feel like it was a real possibility. We shall see....

This week is pretty chill in the Winn household, I think we're still somewhere between summer winding down and school really starting. I get to soak up having Adam around for a little longer so I'm going to take advantage of that....he's just the best. :) Today I get to have lunch with one of my best friends who I don't see enough, so I'm pretty giddy about that! Fun things. Happy Monday, all! xo

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