August 31, 2015

SO over August

I'm really really done w/ August, its felt really long and hard (and hot) to me, ready for a new month! Bring on September! Poor B is home from school today, yesterday her fever returned and she wasn't eating, all signs that her uti was back. Sigh. So, back to urgent care we went and yes, she has yet another uti. I was up with her at 2:30am, poor thing was so hot and she threw up (she hadn't eaten all day but uti's always make her nauseous). Its so sad b/c its just a waiting game for the anti-biotics to kick in and do their thing. The scary part is that the dr said if she gets another one, she might need to undergo that nasty test in the hospital -AGAIN. I remember the last time they did that test I almost passed out it was so traumatic, the thought of doing it again....NOOOOOOOO!!! I'm just praying this will be the last one and it won't be a "thing" in her life again. I hate uti's!! Leave my baby alone!!

In other news, we tried church #13 yesterday. Adam and I pretty much decided this craziness needs to end, the "perfect" church is not to be found here and we need to just make a decision. We enjoyed the church last week, its just far so we need to think about that. The church we tried yesterday our friends had tried the week before and liked it so we gave it a go. The kicker...they are just now starting a search for a new senior pastor so they are over a year out from having the position filled which means rotating teachers for a loooong time. The music was decent (although the people leading looked really disinterested), the sermon was actually really good, and its not far from our house. B wasn't feeling well (which we didn't know at the time) so she liked it okay but I don't think had much to say for the mere fact, she was feeling yucky. So, we're now deciding if we want to make the drive to church #12 (which I kinda prefer) or if we give this church a go and endure no pastor and likely lots of transition for a long time coming? Big Sigh.

All in all this weekend was pretty chill, B and I got up early on Saturday and drove way south to San Juan Capistrano to photograph my friend's daughter's first birthday party, and that night we went to some friends for dinner. We made yummy pizzas and chatted the night away, good times. :) Hope everyone had a fun weekend! xo


Kemi Winn said...

Another UTI only a couple weeks after completing her antibiotic! Praying this will be her last!

Jen said...

Oh no Mol! After your last couple posts on Instagram I decided I needed to A) give you a call (which I still plan on doing) and B) get up to speed on the 'ol blog, which I haven't read in ages. I don't know why... I just haven't kept up! No excuse. So sorry to hear about poor B, this is so frustrating. I will be praying for that sweet girl and you that this infection goes away for GOOD.