August 10, 2015

summer is winding down

Our summer has been so busy but this last week it really winded down, and this week will be pretty chill too. Its nice to have this calm at the end, before the busy-ness of school starts back up. This weekend was good! We got Thai food from our favorite place on Friday night and ate outside, it was low key and lovely at the same time. Saturday B and I ran some back-to-school errands and that evening we went to our sweet friends house for pizza and ice cream. I'm so thankful the Lord saw fit to put our house a literal 3 minute drive from some of our favorite people, its been so fun doing life with them and getting to see them as often as we do. Sunday we tried a new church (well, new to me, Adam went once when I was out of town), it was...okay. The worship was lacking and there weren't a lot of people in our age demographic, but, the people were nice, I enjoyed the pastor, and someone already asked us to dinner so...that's pretty great. :) We'll see. After church we went out to lunch w/ friends and then 4 of our college students from our time at High Sierra came over to visit! It was so fun to see these precious gals and to catch up on their lives. Always good for the soul when people you've poured into come back to visit, so so good. Later afternoon cousin Kyle and his girlfriend came over for dinner and we grilled and ate outside, so fun. Today my house is bustling with 3 sweet little girls! B has her friends over to play and I'm getting my house picked up and the laundry done (which I may or may not have been neglecting for a while now). I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that this Monday isn't too Monday-ish! :) I blogged my friend's lovely wedding so head on over HERE and check it out! xo

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