September 21, 2015

over myself

Do you ever get to that point where you've been in your own head so much and just feeling all the feelings and you get over your own self? That's where I'm at. I need a break from me, thus the blog lull. Sometimes you just gotta take a big ol' break...from all of it, right?! Anyhoo... from when I last blogged I got sick (boo!), we had cousin Mike visit (yay!), had back to school night for B, we hosted a couple dinner parties for some dear friends who are celebrating birthdays this month (I tried a new dairy-free cake recipe for my friend who is off was interesting and I tried a new macaroni and cheese recipe which was just okay), this weekend we went to LA and had a nice dinner at a little French restaurant we used to go to before we had B, and we spent all day yesterday at Newport Beach with some friends for my friend Ann's baptism! It was a lovely day and perfect beach weather (I was in the water a long time, it wasn't even cold!). This week is pretty chill, we have a goodbye party that we are helping to host for our dear friends from the church we attended a while back, they are moving to Michigan so it will be sad to see them off but an exciting new adventure for them. British Jon is coming into town to visit from Waco!! We're pretty pumped for that, its always fun to have a little piece of Waco come to us. :) All in all, pretty low key around here, just getting into the swing of the new school year and getting a schedule going. Hope everyone has a lovely week! xo

September 10, 2015

"Excessive Heat"

24 hours in Colorado was just that, 24 short, crazy hours! Taylor Swift was as fabulous as you'd hope and my friend and I had an a-maz-ing dinner. We ended up not having time to get dinner prior to the concert so after it was over we were both starving. She had heard about this cool place called "Williams & Graham" that her husband had hoped to take her to before they moved to NY but it didn't happen. I was skeptical of any place that would be open so late but off we went! It was the craziest thing, we essentially couldn't find the restaurant and kept driving by it but our GPS said we were there. We saw a place with a balcony and cool lights so we assumed that was it and got out to ask. Well, that place was a cool new bar but they guy told us to walk through the bar, find an older gal named Trudy and ask her if we maybe could get on the list to eat at W & G...what?! It was about 12:30am at this point and I was totally confused -who takes reservations at 12:30am?! So, we found Trudy, she pointed us through another door and we were in a tiny room with a wall of books and a gal who said they were booked until their close time at 2am but that if we wanted to wait a bit she maybe could squeeze us in. It took me a while to figure out what was going on (b/c there was no restaurant that I could see). Well, as easy as I can explain it, W & G is essentially a speakeasy and the wall of books was a secret passage way into a backroom that was AMAZING. It was so quaint and cool and dark and had a small but delicious menu. This place is mainly known for all their amazing and unique signature cocktails but it was such.a.neat.experience. We ate a delicious meal together around 1am and made it home around 2am and fell into bed before getting up and heading to the airport. Quick trip!

My friend Tracy lives in San Juan Capistrano, which is the very southern tip of orange country. We've had a "date" on our calendar for ages now and yesterday it arrived! I drove 2 hours to her lovely new home and spent the whole day with my dear friend. She made me a delicious lunch and we talked and talked, it was good for my soul. Then, 2 hours home to my two favorites. Its nice to shake up the routine every now and again and get a change of scenery...and its always good to be with old friends who just get you.

Well, yesterday and today Brennan has gotten out of school at 11:30am due to "excessive heat." Don't even get me started! Its not even the whole district, just her school. Ay yi yi....this Texas-hearted girl thinks this is INSANELY ridiculous! Its going to be 99 degrees today...I'm pretty sure they can handle sitting in class to learn. Okay, I'll stop now b/c I'm pretty sure this could turn into a 5 paragraph rant. Sigh. In happy news, cousin Mike comes in town tomorrow!! Michael will be here all weekend and we're excited to have him, its been too long! We're heading to the Angels/Astros game tomorrow...go Astros! Watching the Ducks on Saturday and the Titans on Sunday, its the trifecta! Hope everyone has a great weekend, its all sports all the time for us the next few days (Well, and knowing Mike, good food is sure to be a part too!). :) xo

Head on over HERE to see this sweet 1st birthday party!

September 5, 2015

my weekend just got a lot more exciting!

I love spur of the moment plans, I think they are so fun and make life exciting. My sweet friend who moved from Waco around the time I did has also had a doozy of a time getting settled. Her husband took a job that moved them to Denver, CO, shortly after arriving and buying a house and getting settled the company that moved him there decided to shut.down, the Denver offices. What?! Her husband just now accepted a job in NY! That is a BIG move to go from Waco, TX to Denver, CO for a hot minute to then turn around and move to NY!! So, she is in a crazy time of her life and we've had many teary phone calls over this past year as we've tried to help each other through a rough transition. Well, she just moved to NY but since she broke her ankle a while back (!!) (who has time for that in the midst of all of this?!!!) she had to fly back to Denver for her drs appointment and was going to meet her sister and some of her friends to go see Taylor Swift in concert. On Thursday I woke up to a text from her saying "Do you want to fly to Denver and go to Taylor Swift with me?!" Um...YES! Yes, I do!! So, I got a relatively inexpensive ticket and off to Colorado I go! SO FUN! Sure, going to Taylor Swift will be great, but what I'm really excited to do is see my friend. We've both been put through the ringer lately and are needing some good girl time, can.not.wait. SO thankful I have a sweet husband who says "yes" to last minute plane tickets and knows when I need a breather, I'm a lucky gal. So, that's what I'm up to this weekend, I'll be back on Sunday, its a quick trip, but hopefully I'll come back refreshed and rejuvenated...its much needed! xo