September 5, 2015

my weekend just got a lot more exciting!

I love spur of the moment plans, I think they are so fun and make life exciting. My sweet friend who moved from Waco around the time I did has also had a doozy of a time getting settled. Her husband took a job that moved them to Denver, CO, shortly after arriving and buying a house and getting settled the company that moved him there decided to shut.down, the Denver offices. What?! Her husband just now accepted a job in NY! That is a BIG move to go from Waco, TX to Denver, CO for a hot minute to then turn around and move to NY!! So, she is in a crazy time of her life and we've had many teary phone calls over this past year as we've tried to help each other through a rough transition. Well, she just moved to NY but since she broke her ankle a while back (!!) (who has time for that in the midst of all of this?!!!) she had to fly back to Denver for her drs appointment and was going to meet her sister and some of her friends to go see Taylor Swift in concert. On Thursday I woke up to a text from her saying "Do you want to fly to Denver and go to Taylor Swift with me?!" Um...YES! Yes, I do!! So, I got a relatively inexpensive ticket and off to Colorado I go! SO FUN! Sure, going to Taylor Swift will be great, but what I'm really excited to do is see my friend. We've both been put through the ringer lately and are needing some good girl time, can.not.wait. SO thankful I have a sweet husband who says "yes" to last minute plane tickets and knows when I need a breather, I'm a lucky gal. So, that's what I'm up to this weekend, I'll be back on Sunday, its a quick trip, but hopefully I'll come back refreshed and rejuvenated...its much needed! xo

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