September 21, 2015

over myself

Do you ever get to that point where you've been in your own head so much and just feeling all the feelings and you get over your own self? That's where I'm at. I need a break from me, thus the blog lull. Sometimes you just gotta take a big ol' break...from all of it, right?! Anyhoo... from when I last blogged I got sick (boo!), we had cousin Mike visit (yay!), had back to school night for B, we hosted a couple dinner parties for some dear friends who are celebrating birthdays this month (I tried a new dairy-free cake recipe for my friend who is off was interesting and I tried a new macaroni and cheese recipe which was just okay), this weekend we went to LA and had a nice dinner at a little French restaurant we used to go to before we had B, and we spent all day yesterday at Newport Beach with some friends for my friend Ann's baptism! It was a lovely day and perfect beach weather (I was in the water a long time, it wasn't even cold!). This week is pretty chill, we have a goodbye party that we are helping to host for our dear friends from the church we attended a while back, they are moving to Michigan so it will be sad to see them off but an exciting new adventure for them. British Jon is coming into town to visit from Waco!! We're pretty pumped for that, its always fun to have a little piece of Waco come to us. :) All in all, pretty low key around here, just getting into the swing of the new school year and getting a schedule going. Hope everyone has a lovely week! xo

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Kellyry said...

I know this feeling! I'm in a combination of that place and wanting things to be all about me while they are simultaneously about anything BUT me. It's a delightfully frustrating place to be. :-)