October 29, 2015

39 never looked so goood!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year because my lovekins was born 39 years ago!! Its no secret that I LOVE birthdays, especially of those near and dear to me so today is a big day in the Winn household! I have Adam's cake in the oven, tonight he wants BBQ for dinner and the Ducks are playing so...that right there, is a day made in heaven for my love. :) I've got a busy day ahead with Bible Study, bday errands, house cleaning for momsie who comes tomorrow and laundry! I love this time of year but its always such a blur. This morning B asked how many more days until her birthday and I said "We're not talking about that today! Today is daddy's day -yours is coming soon enough!" :) When the whole fam is packed within 12 days, its lots of celebrating and cake! I want everyone to feel special and well celebrated, life is full of hard things, its important to celebrate the good things. Amen. Hope everyone has a great day and if you know Adam, don't forget to send him birthday love!! xo

October 21, 2015

One Month later

I recently received a text from my sweet aunt that said "Your blog has had the same title of "over myself" for a while now, just because you're over yourself doesn't mean the rest of us are!" This made me chuckle, and forced me to give an honest response of "I'm in a dark place but I'm working hard to claw my way out, I'll get there." That's the simplest way I can explain in, I've been in a dark hole but have been working hard to get out, and I'm making good progress. Here's the thing about life, it can be really hard sometimes, and sometimes you just need to take a step back and work on/take care of yourself, and that's okay. I know in hard times God can feel really far away, I've experienced this in my own life and have listened to countless people tell me of their own experiences, and I get it. With that said, this hasn't been my experience in this season of my life, I have actually felt God very near to me and have intentionally sought Him out and have drawn near to Him. I think its our human nature to avoid pain at all costs, but tremendous healing can take place when you lean in (to use a popular reference these days) to the pain and sit with it for a while. Sometimes you just need to be "in" it and let the pain wash over you and really feel it, then the real healing can begin. I think God does some of His best work in us in the broken times, good things come from pain.  Its been a tough season, ya'll, and I'm not out of the woods yet, but as my dear friend reminded me recently, "I've got a good God" and he sees me. As hard as life can be, it can also be really really good. I'm a spoiled girl, don't ever let me forget that. Our dear friend British Jon (that's what everyone calls him, well, everyone in Waco anyhow :) flew from Waco to LA to visit us, no other reason, just because he's our friend -that's the good stuff of life. We had a fabulous beach day, we ate really good food and soaked up each other's company. The weekend went too fast of course, but it was so so good. Recently Adam and I flew to Colorado to meet Doug and Kemi and cousin Mike for our annual Duck game, we won! Its always a fun trip and a tradition we all care deeply about upholding, and it was a good reminder of the good stuff of life: football, family, traditions, freedom from the yuckiness that can creep in, etc. Life is hard but its so good, and God is so good. I just got back from being in Waco for several days, that is always good for my soul. There is something about getting off the plane in Texas and feeling this peace and feels so familiar and so good. Now, I'm in the thick of it, its that time of year where there aren't enough hours in the day and I wonder how its all going to get done? :/ I'm buried in editing (which is a great problem to have), Adam's birthday is next week, and my sweet girl's birthday is in 12 days!! I can't believe 9 is right around the corner! Momsie flies in next week in time to do Halloween with us and to be a part of B's birthday! Then of course its my birthday shortly after that (which I will be celebrating in Palm Springs w/ my sister and bro-in-law and Adam) -can.not.wait. for that! Its a busy time in the Winn household but good things to be busy with! I won't apologize for the blog lull, it needed to happen and really, I'm doubtful anyone would've wanted to read what I was capable of in the past month! :) Thank you to those of you who continually check in on our little corner of the web, it means a lot. xo