November 16, 2015

Justin Bieber/Venice Blvd/Cheesey Lasagna

Whew! This was a fun and busy weekend! Justin Bieber released his new album this past week and he held a last minute concert at the Staples Center here in LA. Tickets were too cheap to not take advantage of this opportunity so, Adam, B and I went a heard the Biebs on Friday night! It was pretty cool, he did a Q&A and then just sang some acoustic music, no bells and whistles, just a low key show, fun. :) Saturday morning we lounged around the house and then I went and got my first blow out at Pasadena's "Dry Bar." It was fun having someone style my hair since ever since I got it cut I feel like I don't do such a great job. :/ Then Adam, B and I hopped in the car and drove to Venice Blvd where we had our family photos taken, fingers crossed we get some good ones! My friend had told me we must eat at Gjelina so we gave it a whirl. They service was slow and rude (its a pretty snobby place) but the pizza was pretty darn great and I loved the atmosphere. Then we stopped by Blue Star Donuts and paid way too much for these little nuggets of gold, but, truth be told -they were pretty darn good. Really unique flavors and very dense donuts, I'll be going back. :) Yesterday I had a photo shoot, went to the grocery store and made my friend's mother-in-law's lasagna recipe. Its been ages since I made a lasagna but it turned out pretty darn good! (I mistook an "oz" for a 0 so needless to say, it was CHEESE-y~!). Our long-time friends came over for dinner and we spent the evening chatting away and catching up on life. It was a very full and very good weekend, just how I like 'em. :) This week always brings some bluebirds for me and B b/c Adam heads to his yearly conference this weekend (boo!), we always hate it when daddy's gone. :( I'm trying to think of some fun things for us to do, I do have to work a bit, I have a couple photo shoots in Pacific Palisades so, hopefully a play date for B! And then cousin Mike comes for T-Day! I've been scouring recipes, hope to try a couple new things this year! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend too, happy Monday, all! xo

My clients were late to our shoot yesterday so I took some pics while I was waiting. Here's the lovely Pasadena City Hall.

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