November 10, 2015

Palm Springs #taketheperk

We got back from Palm Springs yesterday, it was a blast! I was so sad to see the weekend come to an end. :( (And whoever thought it was a good idea to come home ON my actual birthday?!). We laid by the pool, ate good food, went to a couple movies, and just relaxed and enjoyed one another's company, so so fun, a great way to ring in 38. Thanks to my sis for taking the work perks and including Adam and I in the fun!! I really do love my birthday...yesterday my phone was blowing up all day with sweet messages from friends and family, I'm a blessed gal for sure. Tomorrow is veterans day so no school for B, trying to think of something fun to do...suggestions? :) I do love this time of year, Thanksgiving is around the corner, breaks from school, the semester is winding down for Adam, etc.. Fun things ahead. Well, its been a lazy day so I'm going to attempt to do some productive things before picking up B from school, happy Tuesday all! xo

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