December 3, 2015

the thing about the holidays for me is....

...its the busiest time of year for my job and it makes me a little nutty nut bears. Its been busy over here! I've been editing like a crazy person, giving myself carpal tunnel to get folks their photos quickly so they can get holiday cards going-whew! I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, I'm super thankful for the work, I'm just a tad over my computer screen right now. :) Last night the 3 of us went out to get our Christmas tree, we don't normally get it until the first weekend of December but since we're gone for a chunk of the month we want to enjoy it as much as we can. We're calling this year's tree "the scoliosis tree." The trunk is super twisty which made it very hard to put in the stand and the topper is in sad shape! Most of the trees weren't out of their "sleeves" yet and time was an issue so, needless to say, its not our best tree ever but it will work (unless it falls over...which, to be honest is a strong possibility!). So, I just wrapped up editing a newborn session and I'm going to  go put the lights on the tree so B can help decorate it when she gets home from school. I hope everyone is having a lovely day, head on over HERE to check out this sweet little guy and his cute fam! xo


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