January 25, 2016

processing season

Its been an interesting season (for lack of a better word) in the Winn household lately, lots of processing going on here. Its a new year, and due to certain circumstances its led Adam and I to have many talks about the future, what its going to look like, where we are, where we want to be, what God has for us, what faith really looks like, etc. Some days are easier than others but all in all its been good, just a lot. I invite a lot of people into the crevices of my life to do life with me, people that I know well and trust and who I know love me and the Lord and who genuinely want to see God's will in my life. Its so reassuring to have people speak into your life when you know they are safe and who want good things for you, want Jesus-things for you, and I'm so thankful to have an abundance of these precious people in my life who love me so well. I'm a blessed gal, indeed. I was doing my Bible study homework this morning and one line really struck me today, it said "Remember, God looks on the heart of our desire more than the desire of our heart." [Beth Moore, Believing God] This was really encouraging for me today. I know sometimes I can get really caught up in trying to "make the right call" and I'm reminded, its not always about making the "right" call as much as the process in making the call at all. I spoke to a dear friend of mine today in Waco, I met her through a Bible study she was leading at her church and we've remained good friends ever since. She reminded me too today that God cares about our process and our heart in the process often more than the outcome. Isn't that such good news? I believe with everything in me that God is faithful "even still" (as I often say) and its such a neat reminder that he is looking at our heart in the decision making and not necessarily so focused on our outcome. Sometimes obedience isn't always an easy thing to distinguish, its a good reminder that God gives us brains to make decisions and that he will be faithful to the end. Not sure if someone else out there needed this reminder today, but it was really good for me.

This weekend was really good! Friday we had some dear friends over for dinner and chatted the night away while the kiddies played, love those times. Saturday Adam picked up our new couch and with the help of a precious friend BARELY got it into the guest house in its new home. :) Saturday night we ordered Indian take out and had a chill night at home -lovely. Sunday we met some friends for lunch and I spent the afternoon on the porch enjoying the beautiful day and now here we are at Monday morning (which always seems to come too soon, no?!). This week I MUST do my business taxes (can't put that off forever), my in-laws are coming for a quick visit, and my dear friend Sara is turning 40 and is having a Prom to celebrate! (I bought quite the dress for said occasion! [insert big-eyed face]). Hard to believe February is almost here, that came fast! I hope everyone has a lovely Monday and a great week ahead! xo

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