January 11, 2016

Rough Start

Whew, so far 2016 has been kinda rough! Right when we got back from Christmas vacation we picked up our car from the shop, had to pay the deductible, etc. Boo. Then several days later it poured down rain here in CA (which we desperately need) and then we had no hot water. This has happened to us before, when it rains really hard sometimes water gets into our water heater encasement and the pilot light goes out, not a big deal, typically we wait an hour or so and we re-light it. Well, that was not the case this time...we waited a while, tried to light it, nothing happened, this went on for a couple days before we realized we needed to call a plumber. To make a long story short, $1400 later, a new water heater is installed along w/ a gutter on the roof above where the water heater is to re-direct the rain. The $1400 along with the car deductible has made January kinda ICK. And going 4 days with no hot water was no picnic either (imagine heating water on the stove in a kettle and taking it into the shower..no good).

This weekend was busy, Adam and I each hung out with friends on Thursday, Friday we went to our friend Laura's house for dinner and visited with her and her mom (they were our neighbors from our month rental when we first moved here), Saturday I felt like cooking so I spent the day in my kitchen trying new recipes. I made a roasted corn and tomato soup, chocolate peanut butter bars, braised beef and cheddar grits -all of it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Our sweet friends came over for dinner and we had a lovely evening chatting the night away while the kids played. Sunday I went to the flea market with my long-time friend and flea market companion, Lauren and then later than day Adam, B and I went to the grove b/c B wanted to spend her AG gift certificate (which she wasn't able to do b/c the item she wanted was out of stock -sad!). Then Adam and I watched The Golden Globes last night to end the weekend, good times and way to go, Leonardo! (Adam and I saw The Revenant Friday morning, it was good, but only1 viewing is needed, but needles to say -Leo deserves all the awards he gets for this one).

This week is going to be a busy one! Birthday lunch, coffee meeting, Aunt Robin coming into town for a few days, my friend Daniel is in town, photo editing, Bible study, helping to host my cousin's engagement party this weekend, etc. The ol' blog will be quiet this week but I hope everyone out there has a lovely week! Thanks for reading and I hope your 2016 has been off to a better start! xo


Levi Eslinger said...

January, for most people, has never really been there best month considering some see it as an offshore course to hell itself having overspent in the last month of the previous year. However, having a good plan always helps a lot. Now, getting such expense on repairing your water heater was a shocker but then again, there is nothing you could have done. Next time call the plumber early enough.

Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

Carmelo said...

Be thankful you ONLY spend $1,400 to make the repair. I had to spend twice that because the water damage was so bad I had to hire a restoration team to dry out the walls and to remove black mold that was already growing in this hot climate. I learned a valuable lesson and will always take the advice of my plumber.

Carmelo @ PRO Hot Water Service