March 17, 2016

Spring Break // Spring Break

Whew! Its been kinda nutty around here! Its always a bummer when Adam's spring break doesn't line up w/ Brennan's, it seems they both end up getting the shaft a bit b/c you can't really miss a week of work and its not ideal to miss a week of school (esp right before a long break). This year my sister asked if Adam and I wanted to join her and her husband in Sun Valley, ID for a few days and it just happened to line up w/ Adam's spring break! It took lots of maneuvering and some serious graciousness by several friends of mine to look after B but we made it work and off we went! (B got sick before our trip so it was looking like we might need to cancel but thankfully, she got well enough and we were able to go and have a good time). We ate good food, played lots of darts, walked around the cute town and went shopping, took the ski lift up the mountain and ate yummy food while taking in beautiful view, etc. Fun times. When we got back it was B's turn! Some dear friends of ours joined us for FUN TIMES at the brand new so Cal Great Wolf Lodge! We all had a great time and came home water logged and wiped out! Yesterday Adam took B to Disneyland (he had a free hook up!) and the two of them had a great time and came home late tired and happy. :) Today Adam is at work and I'm going to take B to a movie and tomorrow we're having a long play date to round out her spring break, I'd say we all scored pretty well this year on spring break fun!

It feels like its been go go go lately with nannying and travel, March has flown by! I just announced a shooting trip back to Waco at the end of April, I have one spot left if there happens to be any interested Wacoans reading this! :)

Lastly, HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY! As I have said many times before, since living in Ireland St. Patty's is especially heart warming to us, I hope everyone out there is wearing green and giving the Irish some love today! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Sounds like two great Spring Breaks!