June 20, 2016

where your treasure is

"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matt. 6:21). This scripture is really/especially fitting for me these days. People tend to look at you like you're crazy when you trade in southern California for central Texas, but what keeps coming to my mind is that verse, my treasure is here and so, my heart is here as well. I've heard it said that you'll never regret investing in people, and I'd like to think that's how I've spent my life thus far, investing in others. When people ask me what it is I love about Waco, TX, I typically say "everything but the heat and the bugs, but the people make up for both of those things," and its true. This past week I've been asked numerous times how it feels to be "back" and I find myself repeatedly saying: "It just feels right, and so so good." For the past 2 years I haven't felt "right" and its so nice (understatement) to feel "right" again. Things that hung over me like a dark cloud have been largely removed, distance has given me some new perspective and some new peace and I'm so thankful for both. I love that after 16 years of marriage (this Friday!) Adam and I finally are home and we know (unless something crazy happens) where we are going to raise our daughter and where we are going to live...for good. It feels amazing to be here and to finally be home.

We hit the ground running, moving is always hard and exhausting and in Texas heat, its no joke. Our rental has proven to be...a rental. Sigh. We've had maintenance out here numerous times already dealing with shower issues, stove issues, etc. We're already counting the days until our house is built (which, I'm not even sure if I've mentioned that here...but we're building a house!). Its going to be a long 8-9 months I think but we're all hopeful it will be worth it! :) All my ideas make so much sense in my head....here's hoping they turn out great in real life!! (insert cringy emoji face!).

When we arrived to our rental my friend had tied balloons to our mailbox, it was such a neat thing to come home to and made me instantly thankful for the community we were walking back into. The next day a friend brought lunch, then our friends had us over for dinner, then the next night someone else had us for dinner, then someone called and asked if they could bring us dinner, etc.. Its been so good to hug our friends and to walk into church on Sunday morning like we never left. I went to get B from Sunday school yesterday and my friend (who is the children's pastor) said "Oh, she left a while ago with her friends, she's not here" and I just smiled because, that's as it should be. B knows that church like the back of her hand, I don't need to "get her" she's home now.

This week Adam is in Florida with friends so its just me and B, I think we'll be doing a lot of pool mooching and hanging out with friends, just as summer should be. :) Thanks to all of you who have checked in on us, we're alive and well its just been a nutty week! B had volleyball camp, I shot a wedding on Saturday (and I'm just going to throw this out there, moving halfway across the country and shooting a wedding in the same week...eeeeek!!), Adam has been trying to get his office set up and taking many trips to/from our storage unit, etc.. We're all well, just tired. :) Get ready for lots of house posts...this should be fun!! xo