July 18, 2016

house draft(s)

Well, we just got house draft #3 back from draft guy annnnnnd, its still not right. Sigh. I knew this process would be a lot of back and forth, its hard to communicate what's in your head sometimes but I didn't realize how long it would take to get each draft once changes were communicated. I was hopeful we would have broken ground by now but now its looking like August. Sigh. Today I made a list of changes for each room and it came out to 26 things that need to be changed/updated. This might sound like a lot but really, most of the changes are minor and in my mind should take 2 seconds to fix! The draft guy is out of the office all week (which...he was just out of the office for a week like 30 seconds ago) so that's frustrating b/c I was thinking maybe this week we could get the ball rolling! Just trying to take lots of deep breaths... we'll get there.

In other news it is SO nice to have Adam home! He started driving earlier than he had anticipated so he made it home Saturday versus Sunday and it was so fun to see him show up at our friend's house! We have a lazy week ahead of trips to the water park, movies, low key dinners,  play dates/overnights, etc. as summer should be. :) We're all ready for our cruise, 2 more weeks, can't wait! Hope everyone is having a relaxing summer and drinking lots of lemonade. xo

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