July 25, 2016


Summer is winding down for us and truth be told, I'm not too sad about it. As I've said, its been a weird summer for us and I'm getting ready for the normalcy the fall brings. This past week was pretty good, we had dinners with friends, B had a 24 hour play date which enabled Adam and I to spend the day in Austin which was lovely, B and Adam had some father/daughter dates and it was just a relaxing time. This past week was kinda hard too, our pastor Josh, his dad passed away and sadly, he passed on Josh's birthday which is just hard. It's times like these where I'm reminded just how precious life is and how quickly it can change, and how I want to live being intentional and thankful for the many gifts I've been given.

This week is our last week before our family vacation and then we get back and hit the ground running. Adam starts his new job the day after we get back and B starts school 3 days later! We really are in the final stretch of this weird summer and although parts were long and hard it really did go pretty darn fast overall. Tomorrow I meet with the house draft guy and we should be able to finalize our plans so we can FINALLY get a date on the calendar to break ground, I'm SO ready for that! Its amazing how many steps there are to this process, I'm ready to get the ball rolling! I hope everyone is having a good week, thanks for checking in on us! xo

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