July 28, 2016

someone else's prayer

I came across this prayer today and it spoke to my heart so I'm sharing it here.

it is in YOU Jesus that I have
found who i am and my purpose....
thank you for taking my hand in rescue
so that i can in turn take others hands connecting
Yours and theirs
my story has taught me compassion, transforming
me into someone who
can enter into others pain, even when it is different
than mine or i don't understand
i don't even care anymore
there isn't time to whine + be victims
we are sons and daughters of the KING
i want to stop the world for just a day and do nothing
but think on that truth
because if we did....really did....and really believed it.....
we would be
radically changed from the inside out
transformed into misfits, pioneers, warriors,
renegades, giant slayers
freedom fighters from another world....heaven!
going forth with no fear!!!
i know i have to forge ahead up the mountain with the
One i love
so much to still grow into but that is the adventure of
it all
it is never boring
some seasons are hard as hell but to be SET FREE!
i would climb a million mountains with you as my
companion Papa!! to help others with your story to
be set free
that is the PRIZE.

(Tiffani, House of Belonging)

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