July 1, 2016

summer is in full swing

Well, its July 1st and summer is in full swing around here! We bought season passes to our local water park and have been loving that! B's had play dates, volleyball camp, art camp starts next week, pool mooching at our friends, movie dates, and grandma is coming to visit next week while Adam is out of town! Fun! This week some of our mi casa kids have been in town so we've had some dinners with them, that is just about the best ever (and lucky us, some still live here!). Its crazy to see how much they've grown up in 2 years, where does the time go?! I was standing in a restaurant hugging one of them for a long time and the waitress came up to us and said "Aw, this is so sweet, are y'all best friends?" And Cameron looked at her and said "pretty much." Sweet Cam. Have I mentioned how good it is to be back here? :)

In other news, our land officially became ours yesterday! We signed on the dotted line and met our neighbors (who are the ones that sold us the land) and they are about the sweetest little old couple on the planet! The wife hugged me as we left the paper signing, so sweet! It made us really excited to move into the neighborhood and to get settled (and I'm pretty pumped to have a dr next door, that could come in handy!). We drove out to the land last night to watch the first sunset and some of our besties joined us and brought drinks/solo cups to cheers to what lies ahead. It was a really sweet moment and I feel like I'm just relishing in God's faithfulness. Its a pretty sweet place to be.

I've been asked a lot when we will break ground, we're hopeful to break ground this month! Getting the house plans back from the draftsman is a sloooooow process, and inevitably there are changes that need to be made to the drafts still so, that's.... a process. Once those are complete the ball should get rolling...we cannot wait. I've been busy picking out flooring, trying to figure out bathroom vanities and wrapping my mind around the layout of the master bath (that I just recently changed!). For the most part I love this stuff, but there are so many details to consider so it feels like a lot of decision making (and you just hope you're making the right ones!). Its surreal to me that this is actually happening, I'm not quite sure I really believe it yet. All in all we're doing well over here, just soaking up our days with Adam before he leaves for 2 weeks (insert crying face!). B and I have made a list of things to do while daddy's gone and with grandma coming, I think we'll make it! Thanks for checking in, sorry for a quiet blog, not too much to report, just a lazy summer! xo

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Kemi Winn said...

Can't even imagine all of the decisions you have to make but I have no doubt your choices will be perfect!
Sounds like you are having a fun summer. 🙂